Sealing gum use and storage problems and solutions

For packaging users, the glue that uses the most adhesive should be the sealing glue. Here we make a special introduction to the common problems of sealing glue.

Adhesion process problems and solutions

1. The glue is too thick to cause glue overflow after pressing. Not only affects the appearance of the product, but also prone to mutual adhesion between the boxes. When this happens, it should be allowed to open for 2 to 5 minutes after brushing, until the adhesive is slightly dry and then pressed.

2. The glue brush is too thin but the open time is too long, resulting in poor adhesion, and sometimes there is a phenomenon that it cannot be bonded at all. The user can read the instructions or consult the manufacturer.

3. No pressure or too little pressure causes the product to spring open automatically after bonding. This situation is mainly aimed at the products with greater stiffness, it must be pressed for at least half an hour. Nowadays, many adhesives are contact-type adhesives, and the two adhesive surfaces must be effectively pressed together. In the unit of time, the adhesive force is lower than the product. With elasticity, the product will spring open, so general products require a 0.5 hour press time.

4. Some manufacturers use plastic film and white latex to mix and stick or use a larger amount of water to dilute the adhesive for the sake of economy, resulting in insufficient bonding fastness and poor adhesion to the film. This situation is very dangerous and it is a serious violation of the principle and technology of bonding. It is hoped that all printing factories will pay attention to it and do not cause greater losses to themselves.

Problems with Adhesive Products in Storage

1. The box appeared degummed in the winter. The main reason is that the low temperature resistance of the adhesive is not good, and the loss of activity on the surface of the adhesive below 5[deg.] C. causes the adhesive force to drop or disappear.

2. In the hot summer, the sticky packaging box pops out and debonds in the warehouse or transport box. The main reason is that the high temperature resistance of the adhesive is not good, and the adhesive layer becomes soft at a temperature of 50-60[deg.] C., and the strength is reduced, thereby leading to the degumming of the packaging box.

3. The adhesive effect of the packaging box is very good in the early stage of sticking (within half a month), but the degumming of the packaging box occurs with the extension of time. The main reason is that the adhesion of the adhesive itself is poor, most of the plasticizer is added to the adhesive. As time goes by, the plasticizer migrates to the paper base and causes the adhesive layer to become hard and brittle so that the product is degummed. On the other hand, because the adhesive contains a large number of unsaturated bonds, the product's anti-aging properties are not good, and the storage period is prolonged, the film becomes brittle, and the product is degummed.

4. The warehouse is very humid. The storage of the box for a long period of time not only causes the product's humidity to exceed the standard, but also causes product degumming. The main reason is that the product absorbs moisture, and the water resistance of the adhesive itself is not good, resulting in soft delamination of the adhesive layer. (Text / Lin Enguo)

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