The Cultural Interpretation of the World Famous Logo Design (1)

What is the Logo? What does it mean? How is it formed and how does it evolve? Modern people live in the ocean of Logo. Everyday is full of different kinds of Logo. However, few people think about the cultural meaning and history of Logo. The author of the book “The Cultural History of Logo” (published by Xinxing Publishing House), Qian Dingping, examined a large amount of literature in various languages ​​and weaved out a web for the development of Logo as a cultural symbol for readers. --editor

Shell Oil

Shell Oil's logo design uses homophony and metaphor (metaphor). Because the company's English name Shell has a meaning of "shell", and painted a "shell map", it became a seamless logo. The red on the pattern represents the warm atmosphere created by energy, and the yellow background symbolizes the bright light of energy. The designer also painted the fan-shaped shells into a radiant and splendid image of the sun's rays, adding to the image of Shell's endless energy products and penetrating everything.

Montblanc Stationery

Montblanc is a world leader in the pen industry and is famous for producing fountain pens and ballpoint pens. What kind of image can be used to convey at a glance the quality of the product?

At the beginning of the 20th century, mountaineering was a kind of fashion. It was often reported that someone had reached Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Europe with a height of 4810 meters. This gave the designer inspiration and inspiration, so he designed the logo: the top of the pen on the right ballpoint pen, which is a snow-capped peak scene, flattened the pile of “white snow” on the top of the hill to the reader and became a Only full six-pointed star. Perhaps it is the meticulous representation of the Germans. The “4810” figure is engraved on the pen tip of the Montblanc Fountain Pen. Although people who buy or hold the Montblanc fountain pen, not everyone can understand the meaning of this number.

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