Brampton Engineering's 7-10 Layer System

Brampton Engineering is a world leader in the 7-10 layer blown film system. BE's blown film system is equipped with BE Streamline Co-Extrusion Dies SCD-3, I-Flex Thickness Control, and ITALYS Line Control System to produce the highest quality barrier film. BE's customers are all over the world. They manufacture stretch film for barrier packaging, shrink film, pharmaceutical packaging, and a wide range of food packaging films such as meat, cheese, milk, seafood and sausages, agricultural films, and cereals. Food lined packaging, hoses, etc.

According to Philip Kwok, Vice President of Sales at Brampton Engineering, "Since the customer purchased a nine-layer blown film system from BE in 1997, BE's nine-layer blown film system has now spread all over the world to produce high-quality thin films, bringing considerable benefits to our customers. In fact, Israel's Plastopil has completed the installation of the second BE-9 production line.” Philip Kwok also said: “With the development of the market, multi-layer coextrusion has broad prospects for development. 7-10 The layer system is becoming the standard to meet the needs of the market. The 9-layer die is suitable for more types of polymers; and it is designed according to the needs of customers to make it unique."

Information Source: Packaging and Latitude

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