Germany develops durable antimicrobial protective coatings

German scientists have recently developed a new type of non-toxic protective coating using nanotechnology. The main active ingredient in this coating is a metal-like material that lasts for long-term removal of microbial pathogens.

According to a report from the German News Agency on the 26th, researchers of the Institute of Chemistry and Technology of the Fraunhofer Institute of Germany have developed such metal-like materials that can directly act on the microbial cell walls to prevent pathogens from multiplying and even kill pathogens. Researchers say that the metal-like material has a particle diameter of about 10 nanometers, which corresponds to one thousandth of mold spores and bacteria. Since this material does not enter the air and cause pollution, it is expected to replace the traditional drugs against microorganisms. Using this metal-like material, researchers eventually synthesized a new type of coating. This coating not only prevents the wall surface from being attacked by molds and algae, but also removes “hospital germs” that are resistant to antibiotics. Researchers believe that in the future this technology can also be used for denture coatings, artificial bones, heart valves, food packaging and toys.

Source: Science and Technology Daily

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