Moog Launches Control System to Improve Blowing and Injection Performance

For the first time, Moog demonstrated its operational samples of its new motion control products and systems. Thanks to electric and hydraulic technology, these advanced performance solutions can help injection molding machine and blow molding machine manufacturers improve their performance and overcome various technical challenges.

Moog has extensive expertise in the field of motion control for plastics machinery and has a range of high-performance components in all three technical areas (electrical, hydraulic, and electro-hydraulic hybrid technologies). Moog's 20-ton thrust high-performance thick-wall control electric cylinders exhibited at the show were fully integrated with servo motors, retarders, and linear actuators to provide a compact and efficient blow molding application. design. A flexible complete machine controller (TMC) can be used for all axis control. It offers high performance, high reproducibility and high consistency in blow molding applications. The complete controller (TMC) provides closed-loop control using a convenient on-screen display. The main functions covered include wall thickness, weight, temperature, motion, and other measurements. At the same time, there are electro-plastic embryos and needle actuators. Based on its extensive experience in hydraulics and electric technology, Moog can help customers to provide the most suitable solution.

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