Simple Packaging: Connotation and Value (2)

Three Consciousness of "Simple Packaging"

One is the awareness of value analysis. Since the value engineering was introduced into China, it has been widely used in some industries and has achieved remarkable results, but the application of value engineering in the packaging industry needs to be further extended and extended. For example, cigarette packaging occupies a considerable proportion of the cost composition of cigarette products. In some high-end cigarettes, the packaging cost is already second only to or even more than tobacco leaf cost consumption. However, it has not attracted enough attention from most cigarette companies. In fact, cigarette companies in our country spend about #$100 million each year to purchase packaging materials, and the state must spend a lot of foreign exchange to import high-grade paper.

Value engineering is a systematic analysis of the functions and costs of the research objects through collaboration in various related fields. It is constantly innovating and is aimed at improving the thinking methods and management techniques of the research objects. The mathematical expression of value is:

Value (V) = Function (F) / Cost (C)

The above formula shows that value is a function of function and cost, that is, the value of a product is directly proportional to the function of the product, and inversely proportional to the cost of the product, but it is not to express the precise mathematical relationship between the two, but to indicate the value orientation and function. The numerical orientation of the cost. Function is the core of value engineering. People use the product and actually use its functions. Different products may provide consumers with the same function, that is, the function can be separated from its existing carrier. Value engineering analyzes the intrinsic link between cost and function, excluding other factors, and divides the function into necessary functions and unnecessary functions, insufficient functions, and excess functions. The value analysis of commodity packaging is to take functional analysis as the core, study better design, cheaper materials, rationally allocate the cost of the entire product, reduce costs, and try to eliminate excess functions under the premise of ensuring necessary functions. In order to improve the value of commodity packaging, in order to enable enterprises to obtain the best economic benefits, more importantly, should allow consumers to enjoy a satisfactory function, or reduce commodity prices, so that consumers can benefit from it.

The procedure for analyzing the value of commodity packaging:

Collect intelligence and related information. Make full use of information sources, collect both technical and economic data, and collect, collate, identify, and screen detailed reports.

Value Analysis. Identify and define the necessary functions and excess functions of packaging, and seek the best match between function and cost through qualitative analysis, and achieve the goal of improving the functional structure and reducing packaging costs.

Suggest improvements. It is necessary to establish the concept of “doubtfulness” and “overthrowing”, that is, it cannot be constrained by the original plan or old concept, but should suspect that the original package is unreasonable and uneconomical, deny the original plan, and propose a number of new ideas. Program.

Program evaluation. Technical evaluations, economic evaluations, and social evaluations were conducted on multiple alternative improvements, and the market response after the improvement of the plan was predicted and investigated.

Implementation and inspection of the plan. Organize the relevant departments to formulate schedules for the implementation of the plan, and control and coordinate during the implementation process, follow up and supervise, timely check the effect, and continuously summarize and improve.

At this stage, the focus of the value analysis on packaging is that some commodities blindly develop some high-end, high-quality packaging unrealistically, so that the cost of packaging continues to rise and it is extremely harmful. First of all, from the point of view of value engineering, one-sided pursuit of high-grade packaging materials, exquisite decoration, does not meet the packaging requirements of the value of the value of the package to determine the value of the package, there is a lot of excess function, the value of such packaging is not; second from the consumer From an angle of view, increasing the packaging cost will inevitably increase the selling price of the product. It will not be based on a substantial increase in the overall quality of the product. Consumers will think that it is a disguised price increase, which may instead lead to a decrease in product sales and even affect the products and companies. reputation. From the perspective of the impact on the production companies, once the product packaging becomes affluent, it will be difficult to bring down the product packaging, so that a vicious circle of higher and higher cost of product packaging will be formed, and the product's competitiveness will become smaller and smaller.

The second is green packaging awareness.

Green packaging is the most impressive packaging revolution of the 20th century. People's sense of urgency has prompted the development of "environmentally friendly" packaging and packaging alternative materials. The recycling of used packaging has been developed and new industries have been formed. In developed countries such as Europe and the United States, packaging with recycling marks accounts for the majority of the market. In the environment we live in, the white pollution and waste of resources caused by plastic packaging can be seen everywhere. In the face of severe facts, we should try our best to resolve the reasonable positioning of products and packaging when designing, avoid flashy packaging, use high-performance packaging materials and hi-tech packaging technologies as much as possible, and ensure that the quality of products is minimized while minimizing the use of packaging materials. Improve the reuse rate, reduce the overall packaging cost, pay attention to ecological environment protection, and establish a symbiotic and harmonious relationship between product packaging and people and the environment. Continuous development of controllable biodegradable, photodegradable and water-soluble packaging materials. At the same time as the introduction of new packaging materials, it has simultaneously introduced its recycling technology to minimize the destruction of the packaging to the ecological environment. At the same time, it must be in line with the international packaging technology standards, so as to bring good prospects for the development of enterprise products and packaging. We advocate the practical significance of green packaging is to promote the establishment and improvement of packaging recycling and regeneration system, make full use of packaging waste, greatly reduce the pollution and destruction of the ecological environment, reduce the consumption of natural resources, make the human living environment more Safe, more comfortable, and contribute to the goal of achieving sustainable development.

The third is to standardize consciousness. So far, China's packaging quality still remains in qualitative analysis, there is no unified standards and standards. The overpacking that we are talking about now is only referring generally to “in the design, process, and production process of the product's packaging design, structure, and decoration, and not pursuing the high and unreasonable style and decoration of packaging according to the requirements of the product characteristics. The grades exaggerated the various functions of the packaging, especially the promotion function, which caused the packaging cost to soar or even double to exceed the value of the contents of the package, resulting in a disproportionate value in the value of the package and the contents.” Without quantitative analysis of excessive packaging, no strict parameters have been set. Therefore, to reduce excessive packaging and develop simple packaging, the first is to formulate professional standards for rationalized packaging, determine various indicators, and can stipulate in terms of structure, materials, decoration, functions, and values; second, develop standards for defining excessive packaging. It can also be defined in terms of structure, material, decoration, function, and value. Excessive standards on any one side will be over-packed. Third, penalties for over-packaging should be formulated to limit excessive packaging behavior. In this regard, the foreign experience is worth our reference. For example, Japan has formulated a "new packaging guidelines", which stipulates that: as much as possible to reduce the volume of packaging containers, the empty space in the container should not exceed 20% of the container volume; the packaging cost should not exceed 15% of the product's selling price. In addition, the "Outline for the Packaging of Gifts for Commodity Gifts" stipulated in Tokyo, Japan, also stipulates that the gap in the packaging container must not exceed 20% of the entire container in principle; the gap between the product and the commodity must be less than 15%; the inner wall of the product and the packaging box The gap must be kept below 20%; packaging costs must be less than 1cm of the entire product price. The Australian government stipulates that the empty spaces for various packages must not exceed 25% of the packaging volume. The U.S. and Canadian policies stipulate that any person who has the following conditions shall be deemed to have deceived the packaging: there are too many empty spaces in the package; the height and volume of the package and the content are too different; it is unreasonable to exaggerate the packaging and is not technically necessary.

Finally, we must also realize that the development of simple packaging is a systematic project that requires the joint participation and support of governments, businesses and consumers. Let us start now, use simple packaging, be a rational consumer, work together to create a healthy environment and enjoy a truly stylish life.

Source: China Packaging Industry

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