Electrostatic Problems in Printing - Electrostatic Damage

Printing is carried out on the surface of an object, and electrostatic phenomena are mainly manifested on the surface of the object. The relationship between the two is very close. Due to friction, impact, and contact between different substances in the printing process, almost all substances involved in the printing process are electrostatically generated. However, the impact of static electricity in the packaging and printing process has not received enough attention. The author combines many years of work experience to discuss the following:

The harm of static electricity

1. Affect product print quality

The first is surface electrification of substrates, such as paper, polyethylene, polypropylene, cellophane, etc. They will absorb paper dust or a large amount of dust, impurities, etc. floating in the air, thus affecting the transfer of ink, causing the printed material to send flowers, etc., resulting in printed materials. decline in quality.

Second, the ink is charged. If the charged ink is discharged during the movement, it may appear as “static ink spots” on the printed matter. It looks like the ink is not fluid and the ink is uneven. This is often the case in thin-layer printing. In the field printing, if the charged ink is discharged on the edge of the printed matter, it is easy to appear as a "whiskers" at the edges.

2. Influencing safe production

In the printing process, due to high-speed friction, peeling can generate high static electricity. When static electricity accumulates, it can easily cause air discharge, resulting in electric shock or fire. When the voltage is high, the charged ink may cause the ink, the solvent to catch fire, or the worker may directly shock the operator by the ink.

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