Introduction of several new types of packaging paper

Pharmaceutical packaging paper

Surveys show that in recent years, the global pharmaceutical packaging market has grown by 4.2% to a value of 11.2 billion US dollars. The United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Italy will occupy the largest market share in the world pharmaceutical packaging industry, but China has become the fastest growing region.

At present, paper is mainly used for pharmaceutical packaging, because its moisture resistance and protective properties are not ideal. On the other hand, cartons for sandwich packaging are also facing fierce competition from heat-shrinkable plastic packaging. Take 10 or 10 bottles of sandwich packaging as an example. The cost of heat-shrinkable plastic packaging is 3 cents to 7 cents, but carton packs require 0.5 to 2 yuan. In short, the market share of carton packaging in the field of pharmaceutical packaging is rapidly decreasing. However, in the coming years, cartons are still a mainstream form of packaging for tablets. Torn carton packs with protective features are expected to gain wider market penetration.

Food packaging paper

The European and American countries have begun the research and production of special paper for food packaging and have taken a step forward. Such as the new PLMEX food packaging paper uses 100% pure pulp, does not contain fluorescent agents and chemical substances that harm the human body, has the characteristics of waterproof, oil, anti-sticking, heat-resistant, easy to use, easy to clean, safety and health, in line with the United States FDA and German BGA food hygiene standards. This food special paper can be recycled after cleansing with water, and it can be used repeatedly 50 times. Food paper rolls, but also pressed into a variety of paper cup shape, whether for steaming or baking, microwave heating, will not be deformed and faded.

In food-grade paper, there is also a need to develop food-insulation wrapping paper. The function that this kind of paper should have is to maintain the fragrant, fresh, and hot taste of the cooked food after being packaged, so that people can easily eat at different venues and times to meet the fast-paced needs of people today. This insulation paper works like a solar collector and converts light energy into heat. Usually people only need to put this special paper in the place where the sun can shine, the space surrounded by the paper will continue to be replenished with heat, so that the food in the paper will maintain a certain degree of heat, so that people can eat hot at any time Food.

Foam paper

PSP, a German company, has developed a new process for the production of foam paper. The packaging materials produced by it can replace foam. The foam paper uses old books scrap paper and flour as raw materials. First, the old newspapers reported are cut into shreds, and the pulp is then made into a pulp. The flour is mixed with the flour in a ratio of 2:1. The mixed pulp is injected into the extrusion. Machine pressed into cylindrical particles. During the extrusion process, the raw material is subjected to steam as a foam paper. Using this foam paper particle as a raw material, various shapes of bubble wrap paper can be produced according to different needs. Foam paper can be molded once, without chemical additives, and can be recycled after use.

Acrylic synthetic paper

Japanese experts made a synthetic paper from propylene in the LPG. This paper is strong, not easy to break, has a smooth surface, no wrinkles, no moisture, and no discoloration. This kind of paper is lighter than ordinary paper and is not easily stained with dirt. It is a good material for printing, writing and food packaging.

Stainless steel packaging paper

The "stainless steel rust-proof wrapping paper" developed by the relevant institutions in Qinhuangdao, Hebei, has obtained national patents. The production process of rust-proof paper is non-toxic and non-polluting, and it does not need to change the equipment and conditions of the original paper mill. At present, the most commonly used metal corrosion-resistant wrappers are gas phase type and contact type, but they are all general purpose metal rust prevention papers.

The main principle of "Stainless Steel Rust-proof Packaging Paper" is to add "stainless steel rust enemy agent" to the "paper base" used for stainless steel packaging so that the packaging paper can prevent stainless steel from rusting. This wrapping paper is not only suitable for Stainless Steel Plates , but also for rust-proof packaging of wire, mesh, parts and appliances.

Source: China Packaging News

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