Six Little Printing Experiences

Adhesive trademark printing overprint is not allowed to troubleshoot a case

The factory is a four-color adhesive label printing machine, a few months after the use of registration is not allowed to fault, irregular stroke up and down 0.5 ~ 0.2mm.

First consider whether the adhesive sheet is not tight. Rewinding the self-adhesive web still does not solve the problem.

Then consider if there is a gap in which part of the machine. The drive gearbox driving the stroke adjustment was disassembled, and it was found that the clip spring design of the bicycle flywheel was used. Since the gear box is filled with oil twice a day, the oil has a little more space on the gear, and in some places, it causes the stroke to jump. The analysis found that the use of inferior engine oil resulted in the use of marked oil with good fluidity. The problem was completely solved and no overprint was found.

(Fuchun Color Printing Factory Li Jin)

baby teether

Teether can ease gingiva`s discomfort when baby teething. Our teether is made of food grade silicone, non-toxic and tasteless, safe and reliable. Can improve the coordination of baby eyes and hands, to promote intellectual development, by sucking and chewing teether. All silicone material, non-toxic and tasteless, good elasticity, soft touch, suit for baby use when teething. Using teether, can effectively ease inching sensation of gingival during baby teething and deciduous teeth developing.

Products pass EN1400 test, OEM is possible, customized colors are also available, Let we know your demand, suitable recommendation would be provided within 2 days. Quality is our culture, service is also what we emphasis. Choose us, you just give order, we will do the following all things, keep you posted on order details periodically, and delivery on time.

Baby Teether

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