Online fund settlement and management solution based on digital signature and StarKey

Network fund settlement and management system

With the development of enterprise information construction, the financial departments of various financial companies and large super-large enterprises began to use the Internet to control and manage the company's fund settlement business, so as to improve work efficiency and management level. The network fund settlement and management system can usually achieve the following functions:

1. Online fund settlement management software
The online settlement system is installed on the WEB server. The main users are the member members of the group and the fund manager of the group. The user enters the system through the login settlement center/finance company website to operate.

â–  Online inquiry
â–  Online payment
â–  Fund use plan
â–  Group supervision

2. Online monitoring and query system

The online monitoring and inquiry system is installed on the WEB server. The main users are the group management company and the settlement center/finance company and other fund management departments. The user enters the system through the login settlement center/finance company website for monitoring and inquiry.

â–  Online monitoring of funds
â–  Online monitoring of financial status
â–  Credit status online monitoring query

3. Online banking system controller

The online banking system controller mainly manages the user roster of the online fund settlement system and the online monitoring and inquiry system and the specific operation authority, sets the connected commercial bank and related parameters, and agrees on the processing flow and accounting accounting rules of various online settlement services; At the same time, in the online settlement business, real-time monitoring of online settlement dynamics, approval of payment instructions.

â–  Billing user identity
After the group member unit opens the settlement account in the group settlement center/finance company, the system will automatically establish the login user for the online settlement system. In general, there can be six login users with different levels and permissions: cashier, accounting, execution, system staff, supervision, and regulatory enforcement.
â–  Provide multiple ways to query
â–  Access control

Why is security control in the system very important?

With the popularity and development of computer technology, more and more economic crimes have occurred on the Internet. Criminals always try to defraud the customer's important data, such as through Trojans or impersonation of the website, stealing other people's bank accounts and passwords during online transactions or electronic payments, resulting in serious economic losses for legitimate users. Therefore, the traditional "username/password" mechanism can not provide perfect security protection. In order to better meet the requirements of real-time and security management information, a set of information security mechanism based on identity technology is used to use the network. Enterprises that conduct fund settlement and management are imminent.

The role of PKI digital certificate mechanism and USB Key in the financial system

In order to effectively solve the security problem, first, the enterprise can adopt the identity identification scheme based on USB Key identification in personnel management. In this way, when each account opening unit of the group settlement center/finance company uses the system through the computer, it must insert a USB Key carrying the unique identifier of the user identity. The system can compare the identity code stored on the server side and the internal from the USB Key. The identity data is read to determine the identity of the operator, thereby eliminating certain security risks that exist solely due to password recognition.
Secondly, in the information transmission security, the data transmitted between the account opening unit and the group settlement center/finance company is transmitted through the TCP/IP protocol, and is accepted after the sender and the receiver are encrypted and decrypted. The key is generated by the data stored in the USB Key and has good confidentiality.

The user needs to sign the user's private key when performing large-value transfer or payment operations, and the private key can be stored on the USB Key by the user. The private key will not enter the computer's memory during the signature operation. Get, in this way, even if the hacker steals the user's username or even the password, since there is no private key, it is still impossible to transfer or pay.

In addition, since the digital certificate used in the system is issued by the electronic security certification certificate data signature system of the third-party authoritative digital certification authority CA (China UnionPay Financial Certification Center CF-CA), it is fair in the environment where the two parties cannot meet in the network. It effectively proves the identity of both parties to the transaction, thereby improving the security of the system.

From the perspective of ease of use, the USB Key is easy to carry so that people can use it at the office, at home, and on the road.
G&D StarKey helps network fund settlement and management system

As mentioned earlier, functions such as identification, permission control, signature, and approval can all be done through StarKey. StarKey products have the security features of smart cards, transferring data over the USB interface, but it costs far less than traditional smart card devices. In addition, the StarKey is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry with a keychain. It can communicate with a PC via a USB interface without the need for a card reader or other device. In the network fund settlement and management system, StarKey, as the carrier of the customer's digital certificate, bears the important responsibility of protecting the security of the customer's digital certificate and private key, which is critical for identifying the user's identity on the network.
StarKey's internal chip operating system's unique security encryption method, up to 1024-bit asymmetric encryption algorithm RSA and special anti-attack methods ensure that customers do not have to worry about transaction security when using the network fund settlement and management system for financial transactions. In addition, this Applications based on digital signature technology can also be protected by law.

At present, in the network fund settlement and management system business, more and more companies are beginning to choose G&D StarKey as the basic hardware configuration of the overall solution. Not only that, its beautiful shape and hot-swappable, easy-to-carry features have also become an important factor in its rapid occupation of the market. Customers who have already used G&D products currently include Panzhihua Iron and Steel Company, China National Petroleum Corporation, China COSCO Group, Anshan Iron and Steel Company, FAW Group, Vientiane Concord, Shuanghui Group, Xiangtan Iron and Steel Company, Hainan Airlines, and international airlines. Corporate and finance companies.

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