Feng Shui master Tang Biwei: good wind and water for health


Feng Shui Tang Tangwei

Reporter: Hello, Mr. Tang! In our traditional impression, Mr. Feng Shui mentioned that the first impression that emerged in his mind was often the kind of old gentleman with a beard and a beard. The young feng shui master like you was the first to meet. I want to ask, when did you start researching feng shui?

Tang: About 2005, I started to study feng shui in depth. My job is not to look at Feng Shui. The study of Feng Shui is purely my own preference. I like to study mysterious things. The more difficult it is to understand, the more I am eager to understand.

Reporter: It seems that Mr. Tang is a good student. For a long time, Feng Shui has a place in Chinese traditional culture. Feng Shui is more of a mysterious culture with superstition in the eyes of most ordinary people. What do you think of Feng Shui's superstition and science?

Tang: Feng Shui is, in my opinion, just a prediction, a statistic about the probability of occurrence of things, which is different from the traditional superstition. In fact, the use of Feng Shui knowledge is helpful to urban architecture, planning, home furnishings, and human health. Now our higher education institutions do not specifically set up Feng Shui, I think this is a major affirmation of the scientific nature of Feng Shui.

Reporter: When it comes to feng shui and good health, I noticed that Mr. Tang’s personal portrait of Xizi ID reads “Senior Dietitian, Feng Shui Health Consultant”. I would like to ask, how do you think about the relationship between Feng Shui and health care? ?

Tang: In fact, in the health education, there is a special statement about environmental health. In our lives, the home is the smallest environmental unit that is closely related to us. The quality of home furnishings has a very important impact on our health. Take the simplest example, if your room door is facing the bed, or if your bed is placed on the front of the door, your sleep will be more or less affected. Because the door will open the air will inevitably lead to the flow of air, the bed is directly facing the door will be directly affected by the air flow, the people on the bed will be inevitable.

Reporter: Speaking of this, I would like to ask Mr. Tang again, is the color of the house at the time of renovation also affecting health?

Tang: The three colors of brown, brown and beige are very suitable for home decoration. Generally speaking, there should be no big problems in color. But nowadays, the decoration of young people sometimes over-emphasizes individuality, and the color of the house is also very bold. Like the extreme contrast colors of red and black, I don't recommend that you use it extensively during renovation. In Feng Shui, red is the yang of the sun, black is the yin of the yin, the two are mixed together in a large area, the visual impact is too great, and long-term residence will affect the individual's emotions. Of course, embellishments and decorations are possible.

Feng Shui and health care actually have a very close relationship. Reasonable home furnishings are good for personal emotions and health, while good physical state helps us to judge things. Good decisions naturally make things progress more smoothly. They are all interconnected.

Reporter: It seems that Feng Shui is closely related to our lives. We have seen the online exchange posts that Mr. Tang has posted on Xizi. The problems of Xiyou are varied, but most of them are about the layout of the house and the layout of the home decoration. Due to time and equipment restrictions, many netizens still have a lot of questions about what you said about the flow chart. Can you explain it to everyone again?

Don: This is no problem. In fact, it is best to pay attention to the feng shui of your home when you have the intention to buy a house. Because the surrounding environment also has an impact on your entire home. But the majority of my friends who have asked me have already bought a house and entered the decoration stage. Therefore, we can only apply the knowledge of Feng Shui in the process of post-renovation, and make a reasonable plan for the layout and decoration of the house. The treatment allows the owner to get a more comfortable living environment.

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