Furniture "zero formaldehyde" is just a legend

A furniture store on Jiefang South Road, whether it is a composite furniture sold or solid wood furniture, the billboards are marked with the word "zero formaldehyde". The reporter asked a salesperson in a furniture exhibition hall and asked her to explain the concept of “zero formaldehyde” in the furniture. The salesperson said that the formaldehyde bonding effect is good and the price is low, but the air is polluted and harmful to the human body. By replacing the aldehyde adhesive with ecological glue, formaldehyde can be avoided. The ecological glue is “zero formaldehyde” and will not decompose formaldehyde. It is a complete “environmental product”. The reporter learned that in the furniture store, the price of this "zero formaldehyde" furniture is more than double that of the same style of furniture. Many furniture manufacturers are fancy the psychology of consumers and play the "zero formaldehyde" environmental protection signboard. . So is the “zero formaldehyde” environmentally friendly signboard really so environmentally friendly?

The reporter interviewed the manager of a furniture factory in the city. The manager said that the use of eco-plastic sheets does not guarantee “zero formaldehyde”. Due to process and cost constraints, the sheets need to be processed by veneering, painting and edge sealing. Processing can be made into furniture. In this process, formaldehyde is used to varying degrees. Even if the formaldehyde emission is minimized, it is only close to zero. Therefore, the "zero formaldehyde" furniture on the market is not accurate. If you want to make "zero formaldehyde" furniture, the production cost is extremely expensive, so the real "zero formaldehyde" furniture is actually very rare. The manager reminded consumers that when purchasing furniture, they can ask the merchant to provide a product quality test report issued by the national and local quality supervision departments, and confirm that the formaldehyde emission amount meets the national standards before purchasing.

The staff of the furniture industry association of the city told reporters that artificial materials such as medium-density fiberboard, particleboard, plywood and blockboard, as well as some synthetic resin adhesives, will release free formaldehyde. According to the mandatory standards of the "Limits of Hazardous Substances in Wood Decorations for Interior Decoration Materials" issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, the formaldehyde emission in furniture is within 1.5mg/L, which is a qualified product. Therefore, consumers are warned that the "zero formaldehyde" argument is unscientific and cannot be credible. At the same time, consumers are reminded that when buying furniture, don't easily believe that the so-called "environmental protection" signs produced by manufacturers are not fooled by the word "environmental protection".

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