2011 furniture business survey analysis report

With the daily improvement of living standards, the enthusiasm of consumers in the Central Plains for high-end furniture is rising, and the market is getting more and more popular. In the major home stores, commercial streets are all full of furniture stores. For consumers, there are more brands, more competition, more benefits, and wider choices. However, since the exposure of the Da Vinci home fraud incident in July, the attention to furniture products has also increased, and the furniture market is becoming more and more standardized.

Product homogenization, serious brand quality, decisive

In the case of equal price, the situation in which consumers choose to buy branded furniture products is more obvious than last year. The China Furniture Association announced a set of data on December 1st. It counted 4,068 furniture enterprises with brand scales. From January to October, the total industrial output value was 413.11 billion yuan, an increase of 25.53% over the same period of the previous year. 246.58 billion yuan, while other types of furniture such as software were 59.59 billion yuan. It can be seen that under the same conditions, furniture consumption is moving closer to the big brands.


Due to the influence of market regulation, the adjustment of industrial structure, the re-segmentation of the consumer market, and the increase in operating costs of enterprises, many furniture companies have felt "difficult" this year. Shan Jun, general manager of the Henan area of ​​Meideli mattress, believes that this “difficulty” is precisely the slowdown in the growth of the furniture industry, but as the furniture industry faces a new round of reshuffle, production and consumption are moving closer to the big brands. It is precisely a group of big brand enterprises that have greatly increased the overall level of the furniture industry this year through their productivity and sales power.

After a detailed investigation of the furniture market, Li Hanrong, deputy general manager of Ou Kailong Home Furnishing Group, revealed that the brand plate that is more popular among consumers in the market is mainly Italian style, red apple and Qumei; Chinese solid wood is based on Lai's, Fuye, Huafeng, Yijia Hemu, etc.; high-end European and American styles are mainly Marunchi, FFDM, and Yalishanzhuo; pure imports are mainly Natuz, Xiatu, Qiaotia, Simmons; The sofas are mainly left and right, Gujia, Yuantong, Zhihuashi, etc.; the bedding sleeps are mainly based on Mouske Keqi, Xilinmen, Fuli, Meideli and nature. The sales of these brands are in a stable state this year.

Consumers are pursuing product comfort, which is much higher than previous requirements for product quality and overall design. Li Chunxiao, general manager of Fu Lili Furniture Engineering Co., Ltd. admitted that in the past year, many consumers have paid attention to the workmanship, materials and design of the furniture itself. In just one year, the attention of the furniture brand itself has also increased rapidly. He also analyzed that in this year's market regulation and control environment, rigid demand has become the main force of consumption. At the same time, the "Da Vinci Incident" has had a huge impact on the industry, and it has also alarmed consumers and promoted consumers' attention. Focus more on the product itself.

Products without brands are low value-added; products that are not competitive will eventually be eliminated by the market. There are many Chinese furniture brands, but the market share is still very limited, and brand awareness can be the main way to promote the development of enterprises. Nowadays, furniture brand enterprises are paying more and more attention to the establishment of their own brand image. In Zhengzhou, Mousse, Xilinmen, Fulili, Nature, Midea and other soft furniture brands are expanding their stores in a strong competition. Brand image, in the hope of self-cultivation, accumulation of thin hair.

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