Sit on the time machine illustration to explain the history of nail polish development

Nail polish (exactly nail art) has a long history and the story is very exciting. The glittering decoration, the Victorian simplicity, the moment of the aura... We take you back to history and learn about the nail art that spans time and space. In the space you are in, turn the clock back and look at the history of the art of fingertips, with illustrations!

Sitting on the time machine, illustrations detailing the history of nail polish development

5000 BC

Although the precise origins of nail care are undecided, it is basically believed that it stems from the fact that Indian women use their henna to dye their fingertips in reddish-brown--this practice continues to this day!

3000 BC

3000 BC

The Chinese have formulated a synthetic dye using gum arabic, gelatin, beeswax, vegetable dyes and egg whites. Milled orchids and rose petals are used to color between red and pink, but the dye must remain on the nail for hours, or even overnight, to achieve the desired result.

600 BC

600 BC

Chinese Zhou Dynasty people like to put gold on their long nails. The sparkling jewel-covered armor is not only used to protect the nails, but also a symbol of wealth and identity.

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