How to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of three-dimensional printing products?

The quality of the stereoscopic image can be subjectively evaluated from the four perspectives of stereoscopic perception, sharpness, matching degree and brightness.

â‘  Three-dimensional

The foreground and background of the stereoscopic image will inevitably produce ghosting. Under the premise of ensuring the clarity (that is, the ghosting is within the allowable range), the maximum stereoscopic depth from the foreground to the background can be felt by the human eye. Here, the stereoscopic depth refers to the depth of field of the picture rather than the actual depth of the scene being photographed. The evaluation of three-dimensional perception is based on the three-dimensional depth felt by human eyes. The greater the depth of perception, the better the three-dimensional perception.


It is related to the resolution of the raster image and the properties of the raster (grid pitch, width, light transmittance). Within the specific observation distance range, the stereoscopic image of the raster lines on the grating surface and the pixels constituting the image cannot be distinguished with high resolution and good image quality.

â‘¢ Matching degree

The degree of matching between the raster plate and the raster image affects the quality of the stereoscopic picture, and a poorly matched picture will produce dizziness.


Images with higher brightness look more comfortable and the quality of the image is better; too dark images will affect the viewing effect and the quality of the image will be worse. Due to the effect of the grating plate, the brightness of the stereoscopic image will be reduced, thereby affecting the viewing effect of the image. The use of a grating plate with high transmittance can reduce the loss of brightness; at the same time, when making a raster image, the brightness of the image can be adjusted appropriately to compensate for the loss of brightness.

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