2016 most popular wall paint function full effect TOP10

1 Dulux (Dulux is one of AkzoNobel's world-renowned architectural decorative paint brands)

2 Nippon Paint (Nippon is a Chinese transliteration of nippon)

3 Jiabaoli (Guangdong Jiabaoli Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993)

4 China Resources Paint (Guangdong China Resources Coating Co., Ltd. was founded in 1991)

5 Sankeshu (company headquarters is located in the beautiful coastal city of Putian)

6 Dewey (doway Dewey is committed to developing cross-regional markets and establishing trade and production bases in 33 countries around the world)

7 Bauhinia (Hong Kong Bauhinia Paints established in 1982)

8 Zhuang Dianqi (a brand under the American Diamond World Group, a well-known global paint supplier)

9 Royal Belle (nice paint is the world-renowned paint coating brand and global supply)

10 Mei Tu Shi (Meitu Shi Group was established in 1995, headquartered in Shunde, Guangdong. The group is mainly engaged in interior and exterior wall latex paint)

Top1: One of AkzoNobel's world-renowned architectural decorative paint brands-Dulux

Recommended Wall Paint : Innovative Bamboo Charcoal Formulation Environmentally Friendly Low Carbon Leading-Dulux Fresh Charcoal Wall Paint

Recommended crowd : for owners who are ready to install and live, and families with young children, the elderly and sensitive people

Reference price : 558 yuan / 5L

One-step breathing and zero burden evaluation of Dulux bamboo charcoal fresh home wall paint

Product introduction : Specially added "natural activated bamboo charcoal factor", combined with "efficient aldehyde removal technology", it can form a layer of powerful purification filter on the surface of the paint film to capture and purify the formaldehyde, benzene and more This kind of harmful substance keeps the indoor air fresh and natural, and more comprehensively cares for the health of family members.

Top 2 Color Expert-Nippon Paint

Recommended wall paint: paint, such as lotus leaf stains difficult to stay - Li Wei Chuan net effect of net Banghe Banghe latex paint Li Wei Chuan net effect of net paint stand Banghe Wei Chuan net effect of net net net paint stand Banghe Taste full effect latex paint Nippon Hejing net taste full effect latex paint

Suitable for the crowd : young couples who are not diligent and the elderly who are inconvenient to do housework

Reference price: 528 yuan / 5L

Product introduction: Nippon lotus net taste full effect latex paint adopts lotus net technology, and the walls such as lotus leaf stains are difficult to stay. Pure taste, full protection of health, wall protection, environmental protection and pollution resistance.

Top 3 The founder of children's special paint-Jia Baoli

Recommended wall paint: latex paint that can be used for fish farming-Gabriel Happy Baby Child Wall Paint

Suitable for the crowd : children, teenagers

Reference price: 388 yuan / 5L

Painting area : 14-16 square meters / liter

Product introduction : Jiabaoli Children's Paint-"Happy Baby" uses the latest STP technology, which makes it possible to form a continuous paint film without adding any film-forming aids, antifreeze and other solvents when the emulsion is dried into a film Reduce the VOC content of the product (the product VOC content ≤ 5g / L, national standard requirements ≤ 120g / L), really make the product's VOC content close to zero.

Editor's comment : As consumer consumption concepts mature, children's paint has become the first choice for consumers in interior decoration, and more and more people have entered the homes of ordinary people who care for children's health. Water-based paint does not contain harmful solvents such as benzene, toluene, xylene, ethyl acetate, cyclohexanone, etc. It is healthy and safe and has become the choice of more parents for children. The advent of children's waterborne paints of "Happy Baby" by Jiabaoli is undoubtedly a heavy weapon that locks the high-end and sits firmly in the children's paint market.

Top 4 later multifunctional domestic products-China Resources Paint

Recommended product one: Wonderful cartoons make childlike hearts forever-China Resources Wonderful Paint

Applicable people: owners who set up children ’s rooms, old children

Reference price : 500 yuan / 5L

Product description : The highlight of this product is after-sales service. Professional workers can provide wall painting, and the Disney series that has been developed is very popular. In addition, its VOC content is very low, only 4.9 grams / liter, which is far lower than international standards. China Resources paint uses a special airless spraying process, compared with the traditional process, the touch is more delicate, and can form a dense protective layer on the wall, the wall effect is very good. What's more, the color achieved by Miaoxiang Lacquer is different from the dazzling color we imagined.

Editor's comment : China Resources cooperated with Disney Company and divided it into four series based on classic animated characters Mickey, Pooh, Princess and Nemo. It comes from Finland's environmentally friendly color paste to ensure the health of the paint and long-lasting color effects. Users can choose themes themselves and then contact the staff to provide inkjet services. This product is suitable for those who want to lively and interesting on the wall, but are too lazy to do their own work.

Top 5 Environmental Artists in Chinese Goods-Sankeshu

Recommend wall paint: -Newly married Yan'er 's partner- Sankeshu paint SHI500

Suitable for the crowd: children, elderly families, suitable for expectant mothers

Reference price: 388 yuan / 7L

Product introduction : As a special wall paint for wedding room, the product is based on health. Adopting the newly developed pure taste emulsion from Germany, from the emulsion to the selection of each auxiliary, all uphold the top environmental protection concept. The paint film is dense and firm, not only resistant to scrubbing but also delicate and smooth to the touch. It is a fully healthy latex paint specially developed for newlyweds.

Editor's comment : The product does not contain toxic substances and its effects on the reproductive system disappear. With ultra-low VOC and zero formaldehyde, newcomers can rest assured and live life. It is recommended to use a companion primer. At the same time, it is recommended to use the three-tree lacquer wedding room special wood paint, which is suitable for those who like DIY to paint the furniture with protective paint.

Top 6 American excellent brand-Dewey paint

Recommended wall paint: Dewey Oxygen Bar Wall Paint

Applicable people: owners who pay attention to environmental protection

Product introduction : Adopting Dewey technology and unique production technology, it can fully filter harmful substances and quickly clean the odor, let you get rid of the trouble of odor, easily create a healthy and environmentally friendly natural pure space, and use negative ion decomposition technology to continuously release negative ions. The high-quality formula also has multiple functions such as super scrub resistance, high hiding power, strong adhesion, and long-lasting brightness, which will make your home wall lasting and perfect as new.

Top 7 wood lacquer effect is better-Bauhinia

Recommended wood paint: yellowing resistance and wear resistance-Bauhinia Qingyunya environmental protection yellowing resistance PU wood paint

Suitable for the crowd: owners of old furniture renovation

Reference price : New products

Product introduction : Bauhinia Qingyunya environmental protection yellowing resistant PU wood paint specially adopts the innovative yellowing resistance technology successfully developed by Bauhinia Technology Center. Strict requirements, can absorb and convert the energy of ultraviolet rays for a long time, greatly reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays to the structure of the paint film, thereby effectively preventing the aging, loss of gloss and discoloration of the paint film.

Editor's comment : This new wood lacquer product is capable of light wood transparent coating with high yellowing resistance requirements and European-style personalized coating, breaking through the limitations of the traditional formula that can not take into account the yellowing resistance, environmental protection and surface effects, so that the wood is full Enjoy the sun and reject yellowing!

Top 8 American brand-Zhuang Dianqi

Recommended wall paint: Zhuang Diangao cover latex paint series

Product introduction: PRE-TEX Zhuangdian "High Cover" wall paint specially adopts the "new concentration" synthetic process, which makes the paint liquid more pure and high quality. It has high concentration, strong covering power, large coating area and excellent stability. The distinctive feature is that it is an economical and practical product with excellent quality and a modern home decoration material.

T op 9's innovative technology is amazing-royal favorite

Recommended Wall Paint: Using the principle of bionics-Royal Belle Lotus Leaf Wall Paint

Applicable people: ready-to-install owners, concerned health care providers

Product introduction: This "lotus leaf antifouling wall paint" by Royal Zhongyi can also be said to be a model of bionics application. We all know that rain drops falling on lotus leaves will quickly form drops of water, leaving no trace at all. Royal favorite lotus leaf anti-fouling wall paint is to reproduce the surface microstructure of the lotus leaf by artificial technology, so that the paint film has the unique high hydrophobicity and self-cleaning ability of the lotus leaf. Reduce the residual odor in the product, make the product more healthy and environmentally friendly, and create a fresh and healthy living space for you while solving the problem of home wall.

Top 10 industry's first introduction of white bamboo charcoal-Mei Tu Shi

Recommended wall paint: Tu Shijing taste smooth and healthy touch wall paint

Applicable people: owners who install and live and pay attention to environmental protection

Product introduction : Mei Tushi clean and smooth hand-feeling healthy wall paint, adopts "white bamboo charcoal clean taste technology", super adsorption, cycle decomposition and adsorption of harmful substances such as formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, hydrogen sulfide, smoke, etc., and the clean taste is more obvious. And the products containing special slip factor, the painted wall can keep the smooth feel for a long time, and it is beautiful as new, so that the indoor air is kept fresh and natural, and the health of the family is more comprehensively cared for. Moreover, after the renovation is completed, you can quickly move in without waiting for a few days. This product is specially designed for various harmful gases released from the decoration materials, furniture, and soft decorations in the living room, which is harmful to the health of the body and the pollution caused by the decoration. The living room has to wait for several days.

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