Introduction to the structure of drop test machine

Introduction to the structure of drop test machine

The drop test machine is used to anticipate the extent to which the internal parts of the product are damaged due to falling and falling during handling or transportation. You can understand the impact strength and other tests when it falls.

The structure of the drop test machine includes: test platform, fixed bracket, scale, solenoid valve and other components.

The product puts the measured object on the work surface during the experiment. According to the height required for the sample test, the digital parameter is set by the control position of the electronic device. Then it is fixed with a fixed rod, the fixed method has a corner, a triangular Six sides and three types of fixing methods, after determining the height, press the drop button to make the worktable instantly detach from the measured object, and the measured object does free fall movement.

In the test, according to the weight of the sample and the size of the external structure, choose a drop test machine that is more suitable for customer applications

After the inspection, you can understand the damage degree of the product according to different heights, and improve some parts in the future product design, so that the performance and function of the product can be used in various harsh impact environments.

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