4 popular suspended ceiling crafts to teach you to create beautiful top scenery

In the decoration, the design of the suspended ceiling is the "highlight" of the top decoration. The suspended ceiling can not only make up for the defects in the original building, but also create many different interior styles according to the different styles. Now people are also paying more and more attention to the design of the ceiling part. Today, the editor has found a senior designer of the island city, Xu Guo, to share with the netizens some of the more popular ceiling production processes in the island city, and help the netizens create The perfect "top" scenery.

Gypsum board suspended ceiling: can be divided into three kinds of light steel keel, gypsum board and linear light channel, round and shaped

Since gypsum board ceiling is a relatively common type of ceiling, the editor will introduce gypsum board linear lamp trough ceiling, gypsum board special-shaped ceiling and round gypsum board ceiling to introduce to you. The production process is roughly the same, but there are construction points and budget. Different.

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Ceiling Category: linear plasterboard ceiling lamp groove

Budget: about 130 yuan / meter

Required materials: light steel keel, gypsum board

Production process: Choose a light steel keel with natural surface gloss and a wall thickness of 0.6cm or more. When selecting, pay attention to whether there are rust spots or distortion on the surface. The light steel keel frame spacing should be less than 400cm and fixed with expansion bolts. The surface is closed with 1.2cm thick high-quality double-sided gypsum board and fixed with self-tapping screws (the screw cover should be coated with anti-rust paint). The caulking of the gypsum board should be leveled with special caulking plaster, and then attached with high-quality anti-cracking bandage.

Construction points: L-type interface position adopts full-page sleeve cutting technology to prevent cracking at a later stage.

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Ceiling classification: gypsum board shaped ceiling

Budget: about 180 yuan / ping

Required materials: light steel keel, gypsum board

Construction points: pay attention to the position of the interface using the full-page sleeve cutting process to prevent cracking in the later period.

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Category: Round gypsum board suspended ceiling

Budget: about 220 yuan / meter

Production materials: light steel keel, gypsum board

Construction points: smooth treatment is very important, the light steel keel is cut and rounded to make the ceiling round and beautiful.

Gypsum line mosaic ceiling: the large-scale jewelry line pasted by the finished gypsum line needs to be fixed with screws

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Ceiling classification: plaster line mosaic

Budget: Gypsum line is about 12 yuan / meter

Materials required: finished gypsum lines

Production process: This type of ceiling can be made with small gypsum lines. You can use quick-stick powder to paste them on the wall. The tools required are quick-stick powder, water and glue. This method is suitable for gypsum lines under 15cm. For the production of gypsum lines and ornaments larger than 15cm, they must be drilled on the wall, fastened with quick-stick powder, and then fixed with screws. For large gypsum decorations such as European-style carvings, it is best to fix them on the wall with metal pendants.

Construction points: If only the quick-sticking powder is used to stick the gypsum decoration, it will be prone to aging after a long time, which will cause shedding.

Wooden beam and column type suspended ceiling: Ou Song board is cut into pieces and the surface of the frame is pasted with a wooden decorative panel

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Ceiling classification: wooden beam column ceiling

Budget: about 220 yuan / meter

Materials required: Auson frame, wood veneer spray varnish

Production process: Use the pine board cut block as the frame, the surface is wrapped with wooden decorative panels, and the wooden solid wood line is closed at a 45-degree angle. Nail holes and joints are repaired with transparent putty. The surface should be polished to be smooth and smooth, and then spray nitro clear oil 8-10 times on the surface.

Key points of construction: the joints should be made of sharp-touched closing seams or wooden lines to prevent cracking.

Ceiling mirror type ceiling: fix the splicing position and paste the mirror surface, pay attention to the fixing steps to prevent the accident of falling off

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Ceiling classification: spell mirror ceiling

Budget: about 280 yuan / ping

Required materials: Jiuli board, tea mirror

Production process: Use the elastic wire to find the fixed point and punch the hole. The nine-ply board is fixed with a wooden wedge. Use the elastic wire on the nine-ply board to make the size of the mirror. The area is too large, it needs to be punched and fixed with advertising nails.

Construction points: The mirror-mounted ceiling must be fixed and secured to prevent dangerous accidents.

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