3D printing technology brings unlimited possibilities to life

In the face of the aggressive 3D printing technology, the British government always keeps a clear head. They believe that to ensure that the British economy benefits from it, they must have a sound plan, and at the same time, they must introduce corresponding policies to reduce the application of 3D printing technology. risks of. From household items to transplanted organs, 3D printing technology can bring infinite possibilities to our lives. Government departments must be fully aware of the business opportunities inherent in this technology and take all measures to ensure that it contributes to the UK ’s economic growth.

According to the latest survey report released by the UK's major innovation center, 3D printing-turning digital files into three-dimensional objects-not only changed the status quo of British industry, but will account for more than half of the total output of British industry in the next ten years. 3D printing can bring a series of benefits to the UK, including increasing employment opportunities in the UK manufacturing industry, reducing the environmental impact of consumer products and providing consumers with more choices.

But at the same time, it will also bring challenges to the traditional mass production method, enabling many three-dimensional objects to be produced nearby. In addition, manufacturing is also susceptible to industries such as textiles and clothing, pharmaceuticals, rubber and plastics, machinery and furniture.

With the continuous development and progress of technology, the policy guidance of government departments has become particularly important. In the report, the UK ’s major innovation center specifically mentioned that the government should prepare for the arrival of 3D printing technology, including the establishment of a more flexible intellectual property system, more incentives for investors and designers, and the introduction of corresponding regulations. To prevent 3D printers from being used to produce guns and other illegal items.

Andrew Sisson, one of the authors of this report, said: "3D printing will bring great challenges to UK laws and policies. The government must start planning a policy framework for 3D printing in order to Lay the foundation for innovation and mass use. "

Sissons said: "The government should deal with intellectual property issues in a more flexible way so that companies can grow organically in the digital age. 3D printing will break the boundary between the Internet and the real world, and the law cannot distinguish this. The difference between the two. If the government wants to effectively manage firearms and other illegal items in the era of 3D printing, new methods and approaches must be adopted. "

Spencer Thompson, who also participated in the report writing, saw the huge commercial benefits behind 3D printing technology. He said: "3D printing will give full play to the advantages of the UK in the design, retail and digital industries, and consolidate the UK's leading position in the world. At the same time, this technology will change the traditional manufacturing method.

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