Four basic knowledge of fitness

Choose a professional and experienced coach. Before starting a planned exercise, perform physical and physical tests. The coach is tailored to the training plan according to individual circumstances. According to the relevant requirements of the gym, regular exercise according to the advice of the coach is the most direct and effective way to prevent sports injuries.

1. Go to the regular gym.

Choose a professional and experienced coach. Before the start of a planned exercise to make the appropriate physical tests and physical testing. According to personal circumstances allow coaches amount of a tailored training program. According to the relevant requirements of the gym, regular exercise according to the advice of the coach is the most direct and effective way to prevent sports injuries.

2. Develop a sound and regular plan.

Take fat loss as an example: Generally speaking, first of all, strength equipment training should be arranged twice a week to increase the oxygen binding capacity of fat . Secondly, two strong cardiopulmonary exercises are arranged weekly to increase the health index. For more than 30 minutes of practice, the heart rate is controlled at a maximum heart rate of about 70% - 80%, which can consume more fat. The maximum heart rate is obtained by subtracting your age from 220. For example, a 20-year-old person's maximum heart rate is 220-20=200. When he is exercising, his heart rate should be around 200*70%=140 or 200*80%=160, which can consume more fat.

Of course, 2 simple cardio exercises every week, such as body exercises, make your fitness process more fun. Finally, I also recommend that you do half an hour of exercise, just walking or cycling.

3, on the diet before and after exercise, should be based on individual circumstances.

Generally speaking, after eating, the body should take some time to organize digestion, and it is not advisable to exercise immediately, at least half an hour later. After fitness, the body is eager to replenish energy in 20 minutes. It is also the best time to absorb. If you are an athlete, eating in 20 minutes after fitness will over-recover; but if you want to lose fat, you must be in fitness. Eat again after 30 minutes.

4. We strongly urge that you must drink water during aerobics.

Generally more scientific approach is to pay 250 ml exercises after 15 minutes, available urination way to detect your body's water intake is sufficient. If there is no color when urinating, that you do not lack water.

Exercise within one hour, water is the best agent can fill, but more than one hour of exercise, it is not only to drink water, at the same time pay, but also appropriate to add some of the movement drinks. In addition , drinking water is good for perspiration, and perspiration is a good way to reduce body temperature. Therefore, we must abandon the old concept of water-free exercise.

Fitness self-prevention tips:

1. Never touch your face, especially your eyes, during your fitness.

2. You can prepare 1 small bottle of 75% alcohol. If you don't have time to take a bath after exercise, wipe the palm thoroughly with alcohol to achieve the purpose of disinfection. It should be noted that the amount of alcohol is sufficient to achieve the degree of moisturization of both hands.

3. Don't stand barefoot on the floor of the locker room.

     4. If the recent period is a period of frequent cold or some infectious disease , you should avoid going to the gym.

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