Brief Discussion on Recycling of Pesticide Bottles

A few days ago, the author saw a report that Yuhang became a region in Zhejiang Province that received a collection of paid pesticide bottles. All along, pesticide bottle recycling is a big problem. The pollution of the environment caused by the large number of pesticide bottles is obvious. Although environmentalists have always called for recycling of pesticide bottles, it has been difficult to establish effective mechanisms.

We praised the hands of the Yuhang government for recycling heavy pesticide bottles. However, we should also realize that the recovery of pesticide bottles depends on the government's contribution to recycling, and it is far from relying on the market mechanism to digest the continued long-term and effective. Accelerating the recycling of pesticide bottle materials is an area worthy of attention. Just as PET beverage bottles can be recycled after recycling, they can also be used as multi-purpose raw materials for textiles, etc. The strong demand for recycling makes the recovery rate of PET beverage bottles very high and does not depend on government funding. Therefore, if the pesticide bottle can be recovered, if it can find its effective use, it is very important to allow the market to digest the waste pesticide bottle. Obviously, the means will be more effective.

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