On March 8th, Jianye Guiyuan listened to the masters of Yijing to reveal the home Feng Shui


( Sina Leju Xuchang Station News ) At 9:00 am on March 8th, "Changge from the wind and water, the courtyard in the depths of sweet-scented osmanthus" - Jianye Guiyuan Urban Planning Forum and Yijing Home Feng Shui Lecture will be held in Changge The Macau Grand Wine was held. At that time, participants will look forward to the future of the city together with the city planners, and listen to the masters of Yijing to reveal the home feng shui!

Feng Shui, a long-term misunderstood environmental science

Feng Shui is a very old philosophy. In ancient times, it was called "Kang Yu Shu", a philosophy that studies the environment and the laws of the universe. Feng Shui has a history of development for thousands of years in China. Its core idea is that people are part of nature and people should live in harmony with nature. Due to the limitations of the development of science and technology in the era, and the excessive deification of Feng Shui philosophy by many people, Feng Shui has always been covered with a mysterious veil, and even mistaken for "superstition." Later, after long-term research and analysis by modern people, it was discovered that the traditional Feng Shui theory can be attributed to “environmental science”—it is a peripheral environment that is closely related to human life, which is beneficial to the healthy development of mind and body, and ultimately changes people. The state of mind creates a learning of "positive energy."

Master Yi Jing visits the scene to reveal the home Feng Shui

The old saying goes: "The good fortune knows the situation" and said: "Shunji people avoid evil spirits", which means that those who are really good at making "good luck" for themselves are first of all people who are good at detecting the general trend of the times, and at the same time, Be good at nature and avoid people who are not good at yourself. For those who live in a city, the “knowing the general trend” is of course to understand the development of a city and know in advance where the future city will go, so that we can choose a better urban living environment for ourselves in advance. Convenient living, good environment, and enjoy the benefits of urban development. After choosing the big environment, the next thing to do is to improve the small home environment - this is what we often call "home feng shui."

During the event, Jianye specially invited city planners to provide an opportunity for “foreigners” who want to improve their future living environment to “stand in the heights of the city”. At the same time, Jianye is also special. Invited the well-known Yijing Feng Shui master to visit the site to explain the secrets of home Feng Shui for the guests. Opportunity is scarce, don't miss it!

CCRE Real Estate Opens a New Era of Changge Habitat

Jianye·Guiyuan, Jianye Real Estate's modern Chinese architectural masterpiece, Jianye has been sincerely dedicated for nine years. As the tenth Jianye·Guiyuan product developed by Jianye Group in the province, this product not only inherits the high standards and luxurious quality of Jianye products, but also optimizes and improves on the basis of the previous products. It is reported that many products in the early stage of Jianye·Guiyuan have been highly sought after in the local market. It is invisible in the modern Chinese architecture that inherits the traditional Chinese living concept and the essence of traditional architecture, and innovates modern living space and building techniques. It has become a symbol of the height of urban human settlements and has become an outstanding representative of the inheritance of Chinese native architecture and the promotion of Chinese architectural spirit.

Therefore, the entry of Jianye·Guiyuan products will undoubtedly introduce the development of Changge Habitat into a brand new era.

Then, what kind of life can Jianye·Guiyuan bring to Changge people? On March 8th, we will come to Guiyuan with our guests to understand the future of the city and reveal the feng shui of the home. At the same time, let's take a look at the Guiyuan style!


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