Wardrobe maintenance full Raiders Chinese Western style check-in seat

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] "female for the sake of self-confidence" is a good interpretation of the importance of maintenance, as time flies, whether it is people, or household items are more in need of maintenance. There are more than 300 days in 365 days a year. We are all living together with our own furniture. The wardrobe in the bedroom is the most contacted by us. The wardrobe gradually grows tired with the growth of the years. How to keep the wardrobe youthful?

Wardrobe maintenance

Wardrobe maintenance full Raiders Chinese Western style check-in seat

European wardrobe maintenance

Cleaning: European wardrobe maintenance should pay attention to cleanliness. This is one of the key points. For the European wardrobe, there are stains. When cleaning the wardrobe, you should use a soft cleaning device such as feather duster to gently remove the dust from the outside. Then use a soft cloth to gently wipe, European wardrobe maintenance can be gently wiped with a little water, but also need to regularly clean the interior of the cabinet.

Avoid drying: European wardrobe is the most important thing to avoid exposure. This is very important. When placing European wardrobes, be careful not to put cold or overheated items on the European wardrobe. You can not put the organic solution on the surface, which will affect To the life of the wardrobe, the European wardrobe maintenance and try not to put the European wardrobe close to the window.

Nursing: European-style wardrobe maintenance surface has hardware decoration, only use a rag to gently wipe, remember to use a chemical containing detergent to clean, especially acidic liquid, which will make the hardware jewelry oxidation, there will be color loss, if the gold-plated surface Some black spots that are difficult to remove can be wiped with kerosene and then rinsed with water.

Ventilation: If the European wardrobe is a wooden closet, it should not be placed in a damp place to prevent the wood from exploding. The time is long and it is easy to rot, and the drawer can't be opened. Regular waxing. It's best to have it once every other season, so it looks more shiny and easier to clean.

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