Nitrogen blowing equipment cannot be used for substances with a burning point below 100 °C

The Shanghai Xingzhuang Nitrogen Drying Instrument (Termovap Sample Concentrator) is also known as: nitrogen concentrator, nitrogen purifier, nitrogen concentrator, referred to as: nitrogen blower, nitrogen blower, for liquid, gas and mass spectrometry The sample preparation adopts internationally recognized technology. The nitrogen blowing instrument usually blows nitrogen into the surface of the heated sample to concentrate the sample, which is characterized by time saving, convenient operation and easy control, and can quickly obtain the expected result. Widely used in agricultural residue analysis, commodity inspection, food, environmental, pharmaceutical, biological products and other industries.
Precautions for using a nitrogen blower (1) Do not use a nitrogen blower for substances with a flash point below 100 °C.
(2) Hands and eyes should be protected when using a nitrogen blower.
(3) The nitrogen blower should be used in a fume hood to ensure good ventilation.
(4) Do not move the nitrogen blower while heating to prevent burns.
(5) Use with a three-wire grounded power supply.
(6) Do not open the water bath casing with electricity to prevent electric shock.
(7) The maintenance of the nitrogen blower should be carried out by a professional. Improper replacement of the components may cause damage to the nitrogen blower or cause safety hazards.
(8) Do not use a nitrogen blower for highly flammable substances such as petroleum ether.
(9) Do not use acidic or alkaline substances, otherwise the nitrogen blower will be damaged.
Use maintenance 1. Heating medium: It is best to use distilled water and deionized water, which will prevent scale from forming on the water bath wall. Be careful not to use organic solvents as heating media.
2. Algaecide: When not heated, the algaecide is added to the water bath to prevent biofouling. Acidic algaecides should not be used and should ensure that the algaecide used does not affect the sample to be treated.
3, change the water: the water in the water bath is recommended to change one week, the longest is no more than one month.
4. Acidic environment: After contact or exposure to acidic materials, steam or samples, it should be washed immediately, neutralized with a moderate amount of sodium bicarbonate solution or other similar solution, and then rinsed with water. Prolonged exposure to acidic materials can damage the instrument. If it is necessary to contact the acid for a long time, protective measures should be taken.

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