Autumn American furniture trends

American furniture retains the color and texture of classical furniture while paying attention to modern living spaces. Comfortable atmosphere, simple style, it absorbs and accommodates the elegance and style of European furniture, and at the same time does not have the sense of distance generated by the "gorgeous indifference". Simple, casual, organized and multi-functional design ideas make the family a pure land for releasing stress and liberating the mind, expressing a casual and comfortable style, turning the home into a place to release stress and relieve fatigue. Ouzhi Furniture http://?organization=840&MD=products&s=European Sharing

Key words
Parity - universal popularization
Floor-to-door sash screens, elegant four-poster beds, crystal-clear crystal lamps, classical and elegant, luxury and romance... The expensive price of American furniture makes us have to give up such a home. In 2009, the industry's elders unified the home to raise the banner of parity, to popularize American furniture among ordinary people, so that more people feel the aristocratic atmosphere from foreign countries. The “pure price to the end” advocated by Unification Home not only refers to the “royal furniture” that consumers can buy with attention to detail, but also the price advantage.
Who said that American furniture is a patent for rich people? After decades of market research, Unification Home has finally positioned the company in affordable American furniture. Ordinary people's love for American-style furniture has greatly exceeded expectations, and the unified home has always practiced the promise of "everyday parity." In order to ensure the quality and reduce costs at the same time, Unification Home has built a huge national direct sales network, does not accept any form of joining and agents, thus ensuring the quality and cheapness of every American furniture. In 2009, in order to better meet the needs of consumers, the real-life experience hall of 3000-5000 square meters of the unified home will reach 6 in Tianjin, and the experience hall of the same scale in the country will reach 120, completely opening the American furniture “fair price luxury”. The new era.
“American furniture has always been on the market at a high price and not all people can buy it. We are committed to creating high quality, low price furniture products. Large-scale raw material procurement, intensive factory production and integration of all The realization of all store direct sales in the circulation link is the main way to reduce costs. While ensuring quality and quality, the price we sell is only 1/3 of the market price, so that more ordinary families can enjoy comfortable American furniture products. To make American furniture truly "popular".
Lightweight - Variety
The country style of this season's American furniture is loved by more and more consumers for its simple, bright and practical style. The appearance and materials still maintain a natural, simple style, and the hidden design drawers accommodate more space, making it look more neat and beautiful. The bright color and simple design make the American furniture out of the traditional mode of deep color and large volume.
Faced with more and more small and medium-sized units, many American and European furniture manufacturers are also thinking about trying different styles of change to be accepted by more ordinary people. "American furniture needs to enter a small apartment. The first thing is that the volume must be reduced, the complicated lines must be changed, and more must be considered artistic and practical." The product development manager of Yitong Home said.
The intuitive impression of American furniture is bulky, heavy and comfortable. In particular, its country-style furniture reflects the pioneering spirit of the early American ancestors and its personality of advocating freedom and love of nature, so it is more popular with consumers. The improved American furniture has adapted to the common home environment in China and has followed its usual practicality. American furniture is usually designed according to different use spaces and purposes, and is closely connected with modern life, so that buyers can easily choose the furniture they need.
It can be said that in today's brand competition, in order to better cater to the market, even classical or American furniture, which has been represented by complex crafts and heavy materials, is beginning to be optimistic about the market effect brought by the "simple style". American furniture is more a fusion of a romantic color, this change from "high-end consumer goods" to "civilian consumer goods" will also make people with small units have more and better choices.
Mix and match - blending Chinese style
Exquisite carving is a big selling point of American furniture. The surface texture of furniture is also a big selling point. This is the natural texture of veneer, which is made by hand. It can't help but admire the magic of nature creation. Some American furniture has some small yellow spots on the veneer, and these are not embarrassing, but are deliberately formed by the old craftsmanship. Such a piece of furniture can be said to be unique and cannot be copied, which is especially precious.
This season's popular American furniture incorporates a large number of Chinese elements, such as Chinese pen-painting, which combines Chinese and Western cultural heritage to achieve the perfect appeal of art and life, home and culture, harmony and unity.
There are two main ways to mix and match furniture. The first one is to select furniture with the same design style but different shapes, colors and textures; the second is to select furniture with different shapes but internal connections. If you choose Chinese and Western styles or mix antiques with modern furniture, the ratio of gold is 3:7, because the shape and color of Chinese and antique furniture are very eye-catching, too much will be chaotic. The mix of Chinese and Western elements is the mainstream, followed by a mix of modern and traditional styles. In the same space, whether it is "traditional and modern" or "Chinese and Western", it is mainly based on a style, with a partial design to add space.
Distressed - the pursuit of history
Abandoning glitz and pursuing a sense of history, American furniture in the fall of 2009 is perfectly reflected in the nostalgia and romance of adding texture and value. Emphasizes elegant carvings and comfortable design. Freedom of support, the more high-end products are getting older, reflecting their sense of history. The industry veterans use a large number of old-fashioned furniture, which is the representative of the latest fashion trends this season.
The love of old craftsmanship in American furniture is also caused by this antique plot. On the surface of the original glazed furniture, deliberately left the mark of the knife to cut, it seems to use the feeling of many years. The smeared paint is also mostly dull matte, and the exclusion of the bright surface is also due to the hope that the furniture looks older and better. Destruction is a process in which American furniture fully reflects the antique effect in the process of alteration. It mainly mimics the traces of wind erosion, insects, damage and vandalism, which can shape the effect of historical continuation. The following are:
The wormhole is a trace of the wood left behind by the insects and insects after the furniture has been stored for a long time. It is often seen with the destruction of the furniture and the edge parts. The trowel marks are traces of the sliding of the object that has been zigzag in the long-term use or storage of the furniture. The hammer marks mainly simulate the traces of the furniture being crushed or stabbed by other objects during long-term use. The spray point mainly simulates the excrement left by the flies in the long-term use of the furniture or the traces left by some colored objects splashing on the furniture, which is a strong process of antique effect.

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