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Speaking of FDM's 3D printers , many people say that toys are of no use. Others say that such machines cannot print full color like 2D printers, and there is not much value. And abroad there are many start-up companies have announced to be done to fulfill the color of FDM 3D printer. But the result is sad, and the basically announced company is not a bankruptcy or a linger. The full-color FDM 3D printer has become a crown in the field of FDM, waiting for the pick of the people with the heart.

I am only a member of this road on the road. Many people (including me) want to achieve full color for the time being, and second to none. Mixing consumables of different colors for printing (in fact, before the implementation of consumables dyeing, consumables docking, etc.). Later, on the omnipotent Taobao, there were also rainbow-colored consumables. I also bought a few volumes of experiments.

The consumables I bought


Richard Horne is a great explorer. He first completed the mixing experiment of red, yellow and blue in reprap mendelmax (richrap). He also made particle extruders and peristaltic extruders. (The picture shows the mixed effect diagram)

Richard Horne

The basic working principle is: there are three extruders, and at the same time, a plastic wire (the consumable required for the 3D printer) is supplied to one nozzle (ie, the hot end), the plastic wire melts at the nozzle, and then accumulates on the surface of the work.

Control implementation

Richard Horne is a very smart person who completes the blend extrusion by modifying the pulse equivalent of the extruder. For example, a normal extruder is 90 pulses for one millimeter. If the total amount of the three groups is three times the original total. Richard Horne by setting the pulse of extruder 1 to 45 pulses per mm, the pulse of extruder 2 is set to 45 pulses per mm, the pulse of extruder 3 is set to 45 pulses per mm. Finally in stepping The motor is equipped with a switch. As long as two of the motors are closed and the other is disconnected, the total amount can be kept constant, and the repeater firmware used by Richard Horne can modify the pulse equivalent in the EEPROM. Through the red, yellow and blue plastic wires, green is produced by blending yellow and blue, and red and blue are combined to produce purple.

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