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Living Home Flooring was ranked as one of the top ten most popular Chinese flooring brands by consumers in 2014, which gives many decorators who are choosing flooring an extra-safe choice. Living Home Flooring started in 1996 and occupies a large share of the floor market and has attracted the attention of many consumers. Today we will take a look at the living home flooring in terms of its brand, advantages and evaluation.

Look at the company's strength to understand how the living home floor

Life Home was founded in 1996, covering the two major areas of flooring and custom homes. Its products include wooden floors, wooden doors, wardrobes, LVT commercial flooring, floor heating, soft decoration, furniture, wooden construction, etc. Production and R & D base. Life Home has the advantage of long-term application of forest resources. The parent company Malaysia Sanlin Global Co., Ltd. has more than 4 million hectares of forest resources worldwide.

Relying on "design", Life Home continues to export various unique high-quality products to the market. Together with the chief creative design consultant of Life Home, the Italian national treasure design master Alessandro Mendini, established the Life Home (Milan) Design Center, established with well-known institutions at home and abroad such as the Wood Industry Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Forestry, Qinghua Huamei Close cooperation. Establish an independent wood and new product laboratory, with national-level research and development and quality testing equipment.

In foreign countries, set up liaison agencies to establish long-term supply relationships with internationally renowned floor brands (such as CCA / PLYQUET, etc.), and the products are sold to dozens of countries and regions such as the United States, Germany, and Australia. In China, establish a sound sales and service network system, covering all levels of the country's markets, and enter online platforms such as Tmall Mall to provide consumers with more convenience.

The types and advantages of living wood floors

To know how the living room wooden floor is, whether the living room wooden floor is good or not, we must first understand what products are available in the living room floor. Living home wood floors are popular with consumers with antique floors, solid wood floors, solid wood composite floors, laminate flooring, etc. Living home floors have the following advantages:

1. Chinese antique floor, starting from living home

Living Home is the pioneer of Chinese antique flooring category, the holder of "Antique Flooring Patent" and the drafter of "Chinese Antique Wooden Flooring Industry Standard". Through pure hand-made methods, the floor plane expression is changed, and the decorative function of the ground is more artistically realized, bringing beautiful enjoyment to the entire home environment.

2. Support for 4 million hectares of forest land worldwide

Life's parent company is one of the world's largest forest resource management and wood processing companies, Malaysia Sanlin Group. It has more than 4 million hectares of woodland resources worldwide and also occupies a major share of the global plywood market. The strong corporate strength provides effective support for the rapid and continuous development of life.

3. Creative works from top design masters

Living Home hired Italian national treasure-level design master and father of postmodernism design-Alessandro Mendini as the chief product creative consultant, and established the "Ground Art Institute", which has an international vision and world-class height. Carry out product creation and design.

4. Entered Milan Design Week, based on the top of global design

Milan Design Week is known as the "Olympic" in the design world. In 2012, Lifeist and Alessandro Mendini appeared in Milan Design Week with the work "SURFACE", accepting the salute of the global design elite. This is the first Chinese flooring company to enjoy this privilege since the establishment of Milan Design Week.

5. Chinese floor brand unveiled in Times Square, USA

In 2012, during the double investigation of the Chinese flooring industry in the United States, Life's landing on Times Square in the United States not only proved that Life's home was recognized and respected in the US market, but also represented that China's floor products designed and manufactured have reached world-class .

How about the living room floor? Look at the netizens' true evaluation:

Netizen Dean Lin: Composite solid wood is ok, between 150 ~ 250. The workmanship of laminate flooring is almost the same, one or two models will have minor problems, it is recommended to look at two more. The price is between 110 ~ 180.

Netizen: I have a colleague who uses the solid wood composite floor of my home. It seems to work well. I recommend that I buy it. She said that it is more economical to buy it when you are engaged in activities.

Anonymous netizen: The quality of the floor is good and the service is very good. My friend introduced it to me later. Yes, top one!

Netizens' eyes are black tk: Things are good, the key is to buy authentic products! Check out their only official online store! Don't be fooled by those advertisements.

Netizen sdsf: The brand is famous for advertising, and the natural price is more expensive. Look at it more and shop around. For solid wood, first look at which kind of wood texture you like, and pay attention to whether the wood is suitable for local weather conditions (such as the rainy season in Jiangnan)

Editor's reminder: I believe the above information can help you understand how the living room wooden floor is. For more information about whether the living room floor is good or not, please pay attention to this website mall or visit the offline experience hall of this website for direct consultation.

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