Interpretation of related terms of high and low temperature damp heat test chamber

The high and low temperature damp heat test chamber is mainly used to test various performance indexes of products under the condition of high and low temperature (alternating) cycle changes. Xiaobian compiled the relevant terms for high and low temperature damp heat test, for customer reference only.

First, the definition of temperature?

Temperature is the physical quantity that indicates the degree of heat and cold of an object. Microscopically, it is the severity of thermal motion of an object's molecules.

Both Fahrenheit and Celsius are units used to measure temperature. Many countries in the world, including China, use Celsius, and the United States and some other English-speaking countries use Fahrenheit and use Celsius less. The conversion formula is: T °F=1.8t°C+32

Second, the definition of humidity?

A physical quantity indicating the degree of dryness of the atmosphere. The less moisture there is in a certain volume of air at a certain temperature, the drier the air; the more moisture, the drier the air. The degree of dryness and humidity of the air is called "humidity".

Absolute Humidity: The mass of water vapor contained in a given volume of air, usually in grams per cubic meter.

Relative Humidity: Relative humidity is the ratio between absolute humidity and maximum humidity. Its value indicates how high the saturation of water vapor is. The humidity we usually refer to (68%, the humidity shown on the thermometer and hygrometer, etc.) is relative humidity.

Third, the main difference between temperature and humidity combined cycle and cross-heating heat and other damp heat test?

The main differences are: temperature and humidity combined cycle test, there are more than one temperature change or "breathing" effect in a given time; large cycle temperature range; large temperature change rate; including multiple times below zero The temperature changes.


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