Swimming pool tile plan

With the popularity of swimming pools, the paving process of swimming pool tiles should start with understanding the size of the pool structure, a total of six major steps.


First, determine the size of the pool structure

50 meters in length must be adequately sized: According to the standard, the actual size of 50 meters must be a positive tolerance. The size of the standard competition pool is 50m by 25m or 50m by 21m. The pool walls at both ends are within 30cm from the surface of the water to 80cm below the surface of the water. The length error should be (+0.01, 00.m). After installing the automatic timing touch panel, the error must not exceed this range, ie 50 meters + 0.03 meters. Renovation allowance calculation: [(thickness of ceramic tile 0.8cm + tile adhesive thickness 0.7-0.8cm + two-leveling waterproof mortar thickness 2.5-3.0cm + thickness of the waterproof layer 0.2cm x2 + electronic contact plate thickness 1.0cmx2+1cm] = should be left Renovation allowance thickness; the pool pool structure without electronic touch panel has a total length of approximately 50(25)m+0.11m; the pool structure with an electronic touch panel has a total length of approximately 50(25)m+0.13m; The distance between the sides of the side walls is not strict and the error is ±2cm.

Second, choose an effective waterproof process

The waterproofing of the swimming pool is very important and must be taken seriously. When the concrete is poured, the high-strength impervious concrete shall be poured and compacted, and after the demoulding, the curing period shall be reached. The irrigation test shall be conducted without leakage. Waterproof of the inner wall of the pool is preferably made of cement-based crystalline waterproof material, which can ensure that the cement mortar on the inner wall of the pool is leveled and bonded with the tile. Cement mortar, adhesives, caulks, etc. should also be selected waterproof material.

Three, leveling uniform and correct

The actual size of the swimming pool inner wall after 50m (or 25m) length leveling shall be: standard size 50m (or 25m) + 0.01m, plus contact plate thickness 0.01m x 2 on both ends, tile thickness 8mm x 2, bond The thickness of the agent is 7-8mm x 2 and the total length is 50 meters (or 25 meters) + 0.06 meters. The actual size of the 50m (or 25m) length of the swimming pool without a touch panel should be 50m (or 25m) + 0.04m. The planes on both sides of the pool wall should be parallel and perpendicular to the planes on the sides of the pool walls, with the surrounding walls perpendicular to the plane at the bottom of the pool. The plane error is not more than ±2mm within a square meter; the distance error between the two sides of the pool wall is not more than ±2cm; the depth of the swimming pool should conform to the module of the swimming pool special tile as far as possible according to the actual use requirements.

Fourth, determine the benchmark, positioning line

The leveling of the inner wall of the swimming pool should be leveled and maintained for one week. During the curing period, the paving surface should be kept clean; before the laying of the tiles, the baseline should be determined: the shape of the pool body should be the first, and the wall of both ends of the 25-meter pool should be the centerline. Divide 2.5 meters (or 20 bricks) on both sides; the water level elevation refers to the gully of the pool bank and the overflow backwater ditch, firstly make ash cakes on each side of the pool bank rake line every 2-3 meters. Accuracy is within ±2mm for the horizontal elevation of the poolside and the 50m long sides of both sides; the 50m long pool wall is divided into 1m for the large grid; the 1m large grid is divided into 125mm x 250mm grids; The accumulated error was divided into big squares; then all the baselines were approved correctly.

Fifth, tile laying order

The tiling begins at one end of the pool and passes through the bottom of the pool to the other; the deep blue lane marking line is laid out according to the standard competition pool tiles and then tiled in order; the size of the Rosa pool tiles is 244× 119mm, with a brick seam of 6mm, 4 bricks per square meter in length, and 8 bricks in a horizontal direction, for a total of 32 bricks. Check the X, Y-axis grid lines every 2-3 meters in the shop to prevent accumulation of errors.

In the standard competition pool, the blocks below the water surface of the pool wall and the bricks above the water surface are non-slip wool bricks (including the lane marking bricks in this area), and the final molding size of both ends must be 50 meters +0.02-. Within 0.03 meters;

Sixth, binder stirring method and instructions for use

The paste surface must be cleaned first, and it should be dust-free and oil-free. After the binder is cured and cured, it is evenly squeegeeed on the surface with a 10mm tooth. The thickness of the adhesive is 7-8mm, and it is tiling after 15 minutes. It is not possible to pre-scrape the adhesive over a large area, and it is not possible to tiling the tiles, nor to stick the tiles when the adhesive has not yet been bonded. When tiles are tiled according to the control color line, the size of the extruded tiles is ±2mm. When paving, pay attention to the evenness of the bricks, and level the bricks with the rubber rake.

The surface of the swimming pool at both ends of the pool wall shall be affixed with anti-slip tiles from 300mm above the water surface to 800mm below the water surface. The length between the completed surfaces must meet the requirements of the competition rules and the length error shall be 50m (+0.01, 00.0m). After installing the automatic timing touch panel, the error must not exceed this range, ie 50 meters + 0.03 meters.

On both sides of the pool side hand bricks, non-slip pit pattern brick paste according to the paste contact details detailed; both sides of the pool level requirements, especially the use of counter-current circulating water treatment pool, both sides and both ends of the mouth level error can not exceed ± 2mm.

Tiles must be affixed for at least two days. The sealant is constructed in a conventional manner and the joint sealant is compacted with a special tool. Adhesives and caulks that adhere to the surface of the tiles must be removed immediately and wiped with a wet rag.

One week after the paving, the pool can be put into use.

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