How to design a wardrobe in a small-sized study room

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] [Chinese wardrobe network ] With the individualization and diversification of people's needs, even though the small-sized space is small, people will make room for the study. Due to the small space constraints, people want to create a wardrobe design in a small-sized study, which can increase storage space and diversify functions.

Small apartment study wardrobe design one

The desk is combined with the extension of the wardrobe top cabinet, so that the small-sized study wardrobe design can make more use of the space function. This type of in-combination desk combination can be divided according to functions, open and cover design. It can be placed according to the needs without affecting the functional use of other furniture.

Study wardrobe design

Small apartment study wardrobe design two

The wardrobe door cabinet is extended to match the desk combination design. The function of this small-sized study wardrobe design lies in the uniform coordination between the cabinets. It is a combination cabinet with high cost performance for home storage, and the combination of high and low hanging cabinets. It not only adds space flexibility, but also facilitates the retrieval of functions.

Small apartment study wardrobe design three

The highlight of the bookcase wardrobe design is the distinction between the left and right functions. This small-sized study wardrobe design function can more conveniently arrange their respective needs. The choice of both is multi-functional integration, small-sized study wardrobe closet top cabinet The extension can enhance the storage function, and the lower functional area can be divided according to different needs and functions. The two can not be interfered with each other and can be related to each other, which is a more humanized choice for the home design function.

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