Multi-functional training, sports effects are beyond imagination

This is the 2015 European Strongest Men's Championship

Don't look at their lack of well-defined muscles

Their strength is the flexibility of strength and body.



Compared to traditional weight training

Multi-functional training has been more and more popular



Multi-functional training will not let you train less muscles

Can bring a lot of added value

Like body movement, jumping

Or the degree of fat burning that most people care about.

Multi-functional training can take care of

Improve overall athletic performance



of course

Multi-functional training is not like the strongest man in the world

Want to pick up a car, push a truck or move a refrigerator up the mountain

Next, we will briefly introduce some of the more common and easily available multi-functional training tools.

Some large gyms also have related equipment.

Interested to try it next time



box horse



The part of the jump box is the explosive force

Use the high ground drop to train muscle contraction

In addition, jump box training requires a lot of muscle assistance to complete the action.



The training method of the sled is mainly carried out by pushing and pulling.

In order to move the sled, you must use the power of the whole body.

But not using brute force

Physical coordination must also be considered

In this way, the training benefits will be complete.



Farmer walking


It’s not easy for farmers to walk

Equipment used from barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, diamonds

There are tools for training farmers to walk now.

Because of the relationship to move, you can train the stable muscles of the whole body.

Or the grip strength of most people, can also be strengthened through this action


Beat the tire


Similar to logging

Use the stability of the core muscles to make rotations and beats

Also need to move to your whole body

Each joint and muscles must work together

More emphasis on the order and fluency of force


Turn over tire


One hundred pounds on one tire

It is impossible to turn the tires by brute force.

From the ankle, knee, hip, shoulder to arm

Turning tires requires multi-joint explosive force and coordination of body muscles

From these seemingly natural training patterns

You will find that multi-functional training emphasizes the fluency between the limbs.

And systemic muscle complexes

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