Is the louver wardrobe door ok?

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] The louver wardrobe door is popular among young people because of its elegant temperament and simple style. Because of its high popularity, many businesses use the shutters as their main product. But the louver wardrobe door is not the perfect wardrobe door, so, is the louver wardrobe door? What are its advantages and disadvantages?

Louver door wardrobe

Louver door wardrobe renderings

Louver door wardrobe advantages:

First, adjust the light, ventilation: At night, the Saibai venetian door can prevent indoor light from shining outdoors; in the winter, sunlight can be introduced to make the room bright and warm; in summer, it can block the strong sunshine while ensuring ventilation, so that the room air is fresh. cool.

Second, save energy, temperature regulation: In winter, prevent indoor warm air from flowing to the outside, improve the effect of air conditioning and warm air; in summer, block direct sunlight and improve the cold air effect of air conditioner.

Third, protect personal privacy: by adjusting the angle of the leaf surface, you can block the line of sight from above or below. If you want to block the line of sight below, you should flush the convex surface of the leaf to the inside of the room. If you want to block the above view, the opposite is true.

Fourth, sound insulation, UV protection: compared with ordinary doors and windows, the sound insulation performance of shutters and windows increased by more than 70%, in the hot summer, can block more than 95% of ultraviolet light.

Five, beautiful and simple, stylish: following hundreds of years of European and American home improvement style, louver doors and windows in all the decoration has unparalleled natural beauty and extensive practicality. It incorporates the modern concept of home decoration, bringing a sense of pleasing to the modern and concise space; the choice of multiple colors makes the variegated doors and windows and the style of home decoration blend into one.

The appearance of the beautiful louver wardrobe door is loved by the majority of consumers, nature and its elegant, smart louver design can not be separated, it is understood that for the shutters, now many businesses offer elegant white, noble wine red, natural primary colors In a variety of colors, the details are re-engraved with various patterns to make the style of the entire wardrobe look more personalized. The second is to look at the chemical indicators of the board. Whether the amount of formaldehyde released meets national standards. That is, the formaldehyde emission of the board must reach the national E1 level. The inspection of raw materials into the factory is mainly to test the formaldehyde emission of the materials, to ensure that the products produced from the factory must meet the national environmental standards of E1.

Disadvantages of the blind door wardrobe:

First, the cleaning is difficult, the blind door wardrobe also has the inevitable drawbacks, that is, it is not easy to clean, so now many brand manufacturers have changed this, try to use dustproof design, just use a feather duster to sweep it, but Guante Bedroom furniture is still recommended, the purchase of louver door wardrobe is best to add to the high-rise residential or less dusty houses, try to avoid the trouble of cleaning problems.

Second, due to the ventilation characteristics of the louver door wardrobe, indoor dust and some flying insects may enter the wardrobe and stain the clothes stored inside. For the relatively easy to wet house shutter door wardrobe can not play the role of moisture protection clothing, it is not recommended to use the shutter door wardrobe.

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