Book layout and table imposition layout design

In the process of plate making, no matter what type of books and books are spelled out, it is necessary to draw the layout of the copy book according to the size of the finished product and the size of the printing plate. The spelling book layout is accurate and correct, and it plays a predominant role in the imposition, printing, binding, folding of pages, and quality of printed products.

1. Determine the size of the external cut to the ground and the outer cuts of the foot to the foot, the sky to the head, and the mouth to the mouth
The first step in drawing the book layout is to determine the ground between the feet, the sky and the sky, and the order between the outer cut and the outer cut according to the size of the book version and the size of the finished book. distance. Note that the distance between the book version and the set-up mouth is the net size, and the other sizes must be cut with 3 to 4 mm.

Take the large-size 32 hardcover book imposition as an example:

Large 32 open finished size: 204mm × 140mm

Book Edition Heart Size: 165mm × 107mm

Order mouth to order mouth size: 34mm

External incision external incision size: 42mm

Head to head size: 52mm

For the sake of the beauty of books and periodicals, the following rules should be followed when determining the dimensions of the book layout.

The top of the head is a little larger than the foot; the size setting of the mouthpiece and the outside incision must take into account the binding method and the thickness of the book: hard-covered sewing thread, perfect binding, saddle stitching, and the like. Increase the position of the 5-6mm binding wire; hardcover book is thicker, more page number, in order to make the page turned open, you need to increase the size of the order between the mouth of the mouth; for the wire paperback book, in the mouth Set the size of the mouth and add a 5 to 6mm stitching position.

2. Book version imposition layout to be accurate, rules, line upright
It is best to use the coordinate paper for the layout of the imposition version of the book, and the rules can be drawn using the vertical and horizontal coordinates. However, the paper, including the coordinate paper, will also be affected by temperature and humidity, resulting in telescopic deformation, resulting in some errors, so it is necessary to use it now.

Take the open version of the large format 32, for example, the layout version of the book layout, first page numbering. The folio will be folded in fours, and after folding, it will be written with 32 pages, and it will be the layout of the book to be drawn.

The imposition layout of the book edition is a serious and rigorous work. The commonly used 1.2-meter T-square should be straight and straight, with no scratches; because the T-square is long, in order to ensure accuracy, two individuals are required to draw lines or use compasses, The division finds the specific locations of the points and lines, marks them, and connects the points and lines with a drawing pen; the lines on the layout are required to be fine and black, smooth and straightforward; after the drawing, the corners, mouths, and drags are also used. The rules, markings, etc. on the tip, the rule line, the center line, and the left and right sides are all drawn.

Imposition of forms, forms, etc.
All kinds of miscellaneous items, forms, documents, etc., are the larger part printing products than the publications, trademarks, and packaging of printing companies, accounting for about 30% of the printing business volume. In general, these prints are mostly monochromatic. There are more lines, texts, and field editions, and there are fewer network cables. Printing is relatively simple. However, it is not easy to make the imposition of these printed products. It is necessary to pay attention to the following points.

1. Requirements for laser printers
If sulfuric acid paper printing is used to make printing negatives, first of all, the text, lines, and patterns of the laser printer output on the sulfuric acid paper must be strong and smooth. The mesh of the cable products should be clear and the density should be 2.30 or more. Especially large characters and thick lines, the pattern will be relatively light on the sulfuric acid paper, the output of the laser printer should be as thick as possible, plus some black. After the printed sulfuric acid paper is baked in the oven, it can also play a role in adding black, but we must pay attention to prevent the thermal deformation and wrinkling of sulfuric acid paper, resulting in printing version of the PS version and paper, Lines and patterns cannot match.

2. Reasonable imposition, save material
When making arrangements for miscellaneous items, forms, and document heads, film, plates, and paper can be saved if properly arranged. 16 open, 32 open, 48 open, 64 open, 128 open and other common size forms are usually printed on an 8-open offset press. During the imposition process, more than two forms can be combined to create a single print. Take the example of a 48-item form that combines a single form of 3 forms and a combination of 3 other 48 form forms. In this way, it is possible to save a small 8 PS version and reduce production costs. However, it should be noted that the size of the layout of the two forms is best to be consistent, in order to facilitate the imposition and printing.

In addition, when making imposition, it is required to make imposition on a transparent imposition table paper so as to ensure that the layout is correct and neat, and that the forms are prevented from being skewed. Some forms have to be linked to a single set of 3 to 5, and the imposition must be registered on the basis of a good combination of forms. In particular, the spaces for “Amount: Yuan Corner” often appearing in the form link must be overprinted accurately.

3. Control temperature and humidity to prevent deformation of sulfuric acid paper

The temperature of the plate making shop is 20°C and the humidity is about 70%. In the summer and autumn rainy weather, the moisture in the air is large and it is necessary to use air conditioners for dehumidification. Sulfuric acid paper absorbs water and causes stretching and wrinkling due to the humidity in the environment. This makes the photosensitive film of the PS platen unable to absorb the sulfuric acid paper, resulting in text, lines and patterns. Edition "phenomenon. If there is no air-conditioning facility, it is best to print the finished sulfuric acid paper base plate as soon as possible to avoid stretching and deformation of the sulfuric acid paper. The overprinting of the printing plate is inaccurate and affects the quality of the printed product.


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