Study on Post-printing Technology of Corrugated Board Flexographic Plate II

Type of water-based ink

Water-based ink is roughly divided into two categories: a. Rosin - maleic acid modified resin series (low-grade), the price between 8-16 yuan; b. Acrylic resin series (high grade), the price is between 20-40 yuan.

There are great differences between the two types of water-based inks, regardless of the color, gloss, printing adaptability, water resistance, frost resistance, abrasion resistance, stability, drying, water miscibility, viscosity, acrylic resin inks are much higher Yu Songxiang maleic acid modified resin series ink. Therefore, acrylic resin inks are popular printing inks.

The correct use of water-based ink

1. Stir before use to keep ink components even;

2) After opening, the ink should be stamped and sealed immediately to prevent the dust from falling off and the crusts from drying up.

3. Yu ink, such as containing impurities should be filtered first, and then with the use of new ink;

4. The storage period should avoid close to high temperature or sun exposure. It can be stored for one year without deterioration under normal conditions.

5. If it is found that the water viscosity of the ink is slightly larger, an appropriate amount of water may be added for adjustment.

Printing slot machine

In the front, some knowledge about printing options and inks was introduced, mainly for the purpose of using and operating the printing slotting machines. The following mainly talks about printing slot machines. Printing slotting machine is currently the most common and most used equipment for carton processing at home and abroad. The machine mainly has four parts: paper feeding, printing, indentation and notching. Printing slot machines generally have two colors, three colors, and four colors.

The printing slotting machine is introduced in several sections below.

1. Paper feeding device

1) Classification of paper feeders

1 Chain feeding: It uses the diameter of the printing roller to expand the K dimension, installs the chain paper feeder, sends the paperboard to the paper feeding roller of the printing machine, and makes the paperboard complete the printing or printing slotting process. Paper feeding is done manually on the work table and feeding.

2 After the push paper: It is through the juice to calculate the more accurate crank linkage mechanism to drive the paper feeder to do the reciprocating motion, from the lower part of the paper basket to kick the paperboard to the paper feeding roller, so that the cardboard completes the whole process of printing and grooving.

3 front edge feeding: It is through the rotation of dozens of rubber wheels in front of the worktable that the cardboard is thrown into the paper feeding roller of the printing machine to make the paperboard complete the whole process of printing and grooving.

2) Characteristics and uses of the three paper feeding methods

1 Chain feeding, chain feeding is the simplest and most original paper feeding method. This method does not require high flatness of the paperboard. The bending of the paperboard will not affect the paper feeding effect, but it is slower and the speed is 40-50 sheets/minute because it is manually fed by one sheet, because the paper feeding is determined by the drum diameter calculation calculation length. The length of the paper feed, plus the chain is also imperial, so the calculated size is an approximate value, the entire paper feeding process has the problem of running back and forth, so this paper feeding method is not suitable for large-scale production.

2 Post-feeding: The post-pushing method is a more advanced and currently implemented method of pushing paper. It has a fast paper pushing speed and can be continuously operated and is suitable for large-scale production. Its paper-lifting effect is highly accurate and there is no error in paper feeding. However, this paper-feeding requires the paperboard to be flat and the paperboard is too thin to be suitable.

3 Front edge paper feeding: The front edge paper feeding is a relatively high-grade paper feeding method, and its speed can reach 300 sheets/minute. It is suitable for large-scale production, and is suitable for the thin printing slot of paperboard. The paper feeding method is being tried by some large companies.

(to be continued)

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