Mahogany furniture debuts lifetime free repair service

Mahogany furniture is unique because of its unique collection value. Classic products can even be passed down from generation to generation, but how to repair this handed down boutique has been plaguing the home industry. On March 10th, the Beijing Household Industry Association Redwood Committee united with Yuan Henry, Taihe Muzuo, Youlian, Huanglinyuan, Xuanming Dianju, Ming Dingtan and other 40 mahogany furniture enterprises to declare war on the chaos of the four major industries, and promised for the first time. Provide customers with lifetime free maintenance service within the scope of the company's life span. The industry believes that this initiative can solve the warranty problem of mahogany furniture, or will lead the mahogany industry into the era of service, and promote the healthy and orderly development of the industry.

The first free lifetime maintenance service

How long does it take for the warranty period of mahogany furniture to be enough? Three years, five years, or ten years? On March 10, in the Redwood City Hall of Beijing, the Beijing Wood Industry Association Redwood Committee and 40 mahogany furniture companies jointly signed "Redwood" The Commission’s Self-Regulatory Convention, the first commitment to provide lifetime free maintenance services for mahogany products.

"All along, the mahogany furniture enterprises are in a separate and relatively loose situation. There is no uniform regulation for the after-sales service of furniture. Some furniture three-pack policy also excludes mahogany furniture as a special case, and the sale of mahogany furniture is unmanned. The state has been for a long time, how to guarantee the biggest pain point for the mahogany collector after the purchase of furniture.” Yang Bo, president of the Redwood Committee of the Beijing Home Furnishing Industry Association, said that after the establishment of the Redwood Committee, the association has been thinking about this issue in order to regulate the order of the mahogany market. Finally, through the unanimous approval of the member companies of the association, it was decided to promote the lifetime free warranty service.

The so-called lifetime free maintenance service means that the mahogany furniture enterprises and distributors promise to provide customers with lifetime free maintenance services within the time limit of the company's survival period. This means that as long as the company that sells mahogany furniture has a day, it is necessary to be responsible for the consumer's product for one day, so that consumers can completely eliminate worries.

Directly hit the four major industry chaos

In addition to lifetime free maintenance services, the "Redwood Committee Self-discipline Convention" also requires enterprises to put an end to counterfeiting, anti-counterfeiting prices and low-cost dumping, and prohibiting the use of improper means to dig people. Yang Bo said that these four requirements are based on the status quo of the industry and directly declare war on the chaos of the four major industries.

Lifetime free maintenance service is aimed at some non-standard enterprises to produce low-quality products, provide inferior after-sales service chaos, shape the quality of mahogany, to provide consumers with high-quality services, and to make mahogany furniture truly inheritable. Boutique.

False propaganda and the production and sale of counterfeit and shoddy products are also one of the chaos in the mahogany industry. It is not uncommon for merchants to use consumers to distinguish between materials and to sell counterfeit and shoddy goods. It is not uncommon for well-known mahogany companies to take the lead in putting an end to counterfeiting and counterfeiting to play a role in purifying the quality of products.

It is also an irregular phenomenon in the mahogany industry to raise profits and profit from low prices. Poor merchants hoarding raw materials, smashing raw materials shortages and other activities, so that the price of mahogany furniture skyrocketing, against the price and low price dumping will return the price of mahogany products to their own value.

The chaos in the industry has made some brand mahogany manufacturers hate it. As an industry still dominated by hand, mahogany technicians play an important role in product quality and innovation. If they are dug up by improper means, they will bring significant losses to the company. 40 companies promised not to dig people, keep the team of technicians stable, and bring healthy competition to the mahogany industry.

Association set up supervision platform

In order to ensure that the "Redwood Committee Self-discipline Convention" really plays a regulatory role, the Beijing Household Industry Association Redwood Committee has set up a supervision platform to supervise corporate behavior.

"If you find a violation of this Convention, you can report it to the Beijing Household Industry Association Redwood Committee by telephone or in writing." Yang Bo said that for units that violate the "Redwood Committee Self-discipline Convention", the association will take internal warnings and industry after investigation. Measures such as notification, moral condemnation, and exposure in relevant media are stopped and corrected to safeguard the authority of the Convention and the overall interests of the mahogany industry.

Liu Chen, secretary-general of the Beijing Home Furnishing Industry Association, pointed out that mahogany furniture is not only furniture, but also a high-value collection of art. Consumers must keep their eyes open when buying. It is best to buy big-brand products from well-known stores. Fidelity does not have to worry about after-sales maintenance services.

Ren Cheng, vice president of Real Estate, said that the brand mahogany furniture enterprise that entered the Redwood City Hall of Lize Store will become a model for fulfilling the convention. Actually, the home hopes to drive more enterprises to operate with integrity, quality service and upgrade the mahogany furniture in people. The status in mind makes this industry with Chinese cultural characteristics develop in a healthy and orderly manner.

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