The wardrobe is placed with ease to solve the problem of “small” “chaos” and “squeezing”

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] The wardrobe is not bought when you see the empty space. If it is a large apartment, it may have no effect. For a small apartment, the space of a bedroom is only so large. Arbitrary placement may cause traffic jams and messy. Always envy other people's nests beautiful and exquisite, why not create them yourself, Xiaobian for the wardrobe how to save space and placement of the notes summarized the following:

Wardrobe design

The layout of the wardrobe should save space in the room as much as possible.

For most of the heads of households who are not particularly large, the size of the bedroom in the closet is a question worth considering. Therefore, it is very important to use the space in the room flexibly:

1. Be aware of the available area of ​​your entire house (not just the bedroom) and discover the space available. Clean up the things in the bedroom that have not been used for many years. Unheavy objects can also be placed on the top of the closet. They know how to store and make the wardrobe have a place.

2, the space is not enough to put in the wardrobe, small accessories can help you. For some bedrooms with a really awkward room, it is true that only a small wardrobe can be used to barely fit into the bedroom. But don't think that a small wardrobe is equal to aggrieved. You can use some clothing accessories (such as clothes hooks and hangers) to ease the burden on your wardrobe and make room for your wardrobe to place other clothes.

3, according to local conditions to save space, custom wardrobe is your best choice. Custom-made wardrobes are popular with the public because of their design and the plasticity of their shape, which can save space in the room. You can explore some of the corner space in your house, or you can transform it into a wardrobe or a cloakroom. Here, the small series should be slightly sloppy. The problem of placing the wardrobe should always return to the problem of placing the clothes. If you can determine the type and placement of the wardrobe at the beginning, and save the space in the bedroom, isn’t it beautiful?

The layout of the wardrobe should be reasonable in terms of space layout and use.

1. Defining the furniture (bed, desk, bookcase, etc.) in other fixed positions in the bedroom, and selecting the location of the wardrobe according to the location of the furniture. If the wardrobe with the opening and closing door is placed at the bedside and the cabinet door is facing the bed, how do you take the clothes? You should consider them when placing them, so as not to affect the principle of life;

2, the placement of the wardrobe is as convenient as possible, so that your clothes are at your fingertips. You can put the closet in a place that suits your own habits. For example, it is convenient to take the pajamas. You can place the closet close to the bed without being too restrained.

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