Inkjet print head working principle and structure

Where is the use of inkjet printers in life, what is the working principle of inkjet printheads? There are basically two types of inkjet printheads on the market. One is piezoelectric. This is dedicated to the epson family, and other homes use hot bubble.

Epson piezoelectric nozzle nozzle structure:

The print head is filled with ink and has a certain negative pressure. When the A terminal gives a certain positive signal, the piezoelectric unit is deformed as shown in the above figure, so that the ink is extruded from the nozzle to form an ink droplet to be sprayed onto the paper.

       Others include a canon with a hot bubble nozzle and an electric heater in a nozzle.

       working principle

       The nozzle is filled with ink. When a voltage is applied to the heater, the heating unit is activated in a short time, so that the ink around the heating unit is heated for a short time to form a micro-bubble, and the ink is vaporized at a very fast speed, and the small bubble will be When it becomes larger, the bubble expands to the maximum, and the ink is extruded by the expansion force. Then, the bubble in the nozzle contracts at an extremely high speed, so that the extruded ink forms an ink droplet, so that the ink droplets outside the extrusion nozzle are sprayed onto the paper. After the ink is squeezed out, the bubble disappears and a capillary phenomenon occurs, so that the nozzle is filled with ink again, thus completing an ink jet cycle.

       In general, the printer will complete thousands of cycles to tens of thousands of such cycles in one second.

       The general nozzles are now composed of nozzles.

       The inkjet printhead works like this, is it very simple.

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