Talk about the three strong elements of modern liquor packaging design

With the development of the liquor industry, the packaging design of liquor has evolved from pure and simple product design to the brand information design of markets, companies, and marketing. In today's homogenization of liquor, the packaging of liquor has become one of the important means of showing individuality. Then, this will inevitably require the use of new elements in liquor packaging design.

Color - multi-color multi-purpose

Color is the strongest element in the package, it conveys the packaging emotion. The traditional liquor packaging, with red, yellow and gold as the main colors, is difficult to form a visual impact and can not leave a deep imprint in the hearts of consumers.

Nowadays, in many liquor packaging, liquor brands such as “Yanghe” and “live brewing” have their unique packaging colors that stand out from the competition. The blue classic of the Yanghe River is dominated by blue. This package fully embodies the cultural appeal of “Yanghe” wine returning to the sea, and it perfectly combines with the “Yanghe Blue Classic” brand. Like the Yanghe River, it is the “breathing of the living”. This package has a flowing “living” character on the green background, which accurately reproduces the core of the green culture of “live brewing” and has become extremely strong. The external nature of the product echoes the inner core of the “live brewing” brand.

The color positioning of individuality is becoming an innovation point that everyone chooses together. By using the visual impact of color to break through the packaging of white wine, there is a passionate red, mature and dark brown, and beige, white, black and so on.

Wine Container - Used for Ancient Use

The history of wine utensils is almost as long as wine. Ancient Chinese wine utensils are dazzling, varied, and the shapes of wine utensils are varied and varied.

The bronze ware has become an important part of Chinese culture with its exquisite craftsmanship, variety of species and lively and lifelike shapes. It is a symbol of dignity and majesty.

The national wine Maotai is a clever use of the majesty and dignity of the bronze products and noble artistic features. The introduction of high-end white wine packed with bronze products has caused a sensation in the society. This package fully reflects the profound cultural heritage of Moutai, which perfectly illustrates the irreproducibility of Maotai as a national wine. Combining the bronze culture with the national wine culture is a marriage of two different background cultures. It is a highly concise Chinese culture that not only promotes the bronze culture but also enhances the national wine culture. The designer's superb artistic accomplishments and rich artistic imagination not only attracted the attention of consumers, but also pushed the supremacy of Maotai wine to the extreme.

In addition to the bronze wares, there are pottery, lacquer ware, jade ware, porcelain and wineware for crystal products. The wine packaging used in ancient times is also an innovation, and it is a choice to widen the design of liquor packaging. .

Bottle type - foreign use

The existing liquor bottle types can be described as numerous and varied. Regardless of the traditional bottle type, let's not talk about it. We have found several representative bottle types, such as: Zisha Bottle - shop two, with a smile and a sly mood. Give people a straightforward honesty, sincerity and truthfulness, most intuitively embodies the cultural orientation and market positioning of “Dian Xiao Er”. Crystal bottle-shaped Wuliangye Panda Liquor is a combination of crystal clear crystal, noble Wuliangye and rare Panda. The so-called "material is rare." However, to achieve a high degree of unity between bottle type and culture, product core, and personality, it is not enough just to base ourselves on “China”, but the horizon should be wider and further.

The bottle type of foreign wine has been widely recognized by people and it is highly praised. The foreign perfume bottle types that the packaging industry and the fashion world have always been paying attention to, the innovation, the speed of change, the newness, and the classics are breathtaking. Can we borrow foreign countries? The cross-industry packaging bottles borrow some of the characteristics of foreign perfume bottles and introduce several new packaging. Packaging designers can only explore the path of different innovations.

In fact, matching products and packaging is the key. Only the actual positioning of products, positioning of packaging, and out of the irrational vicious circle of wine quality and packaging do not match, the liquor brand will have a broader living space. The success of Shuijingfang is inseparable from its reasonable product and packaging positioning. The superior quality of the wine, exquisite packaging, and exquisite packaging materials combine with the cultural excavation of “the best in the world” and every subtle point. , All show the demeanor of high-end liquor, so that consumers really feel value for money, value for money, reflecting the perfect combination of material consumption and spiritual consumption, a high degree of unity.

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