The gap of solvent-free composite technology at home and abroad is narrowing

As an internationally recognized green technology, solvent-free composite technology has been widely used internationally, and has become the leading technology and development direction in the field of composite flexible packaging.

The solvent-free compound technology was invented in Europe in the mid-1970s. After more than 30 years of development, as an internationally recognized green technology, solvent-free composite technology has been widely used internationally, and has become the leading technology and development direction in the field of composite flexible packaging.

Foreign solvent-free compound machine

Wide range of applications

At present, the proportion of solvent-free compound technology in Europe and America has reached more than 70%, and the proportion in the newly added compound machine is as high as 80% ~ 90%.

At present, the internationally recognized overall technology-leading manufacturers of solvent-free compound machines are mainly from Germany, Italy, Spain, France and Japan. The general maximum mechanical speed is about 350 meters / minute, a few reach 450 meters / minute, and the highest has reached 600. M / min. At present, the speed of the solvent-free compound machine imported from China is between 200m / min and 350m / min. Some other countries and regions, such as India, Brazil, and Turkey, have manufacturers, but the technical performance level is low.

Domestic solvent-free laminating machine

Catch up with the gap

China began to introduce solvent-free laminating machines in the middle and late 1990s. Due to various subjective and objective reasons, although the introduction of solvent-free laminating machines for many years, the past results have been unsatisfactory for a long time. From an objective point of view, there are several main reasons: first, solvent-free compounding is a new technology for China as a whole, and the domestic talent system is difficult to meet the requirements; second, the product adaptability and technical support of foreign suppliers have not yet been completely In place; again, the high price of equipment and adhesives limits the scope of use.

According to incomplete statistics, as of the end of 2011, China has installed about 100 sets of such equipment. Despite the rapid growth in the past two years, the total number of solvent-free composite machines accounted for only about 2% to 3% of the total number of composite machines, not only far below the level of developed countries and regions such as Europe and the United States, but also far below the world average.

Adhesive technology progress

Promote the development of solvent-free composite products

Replacing imported products with domestic equipment and adhesives, localizing foreign products, and providing complete process support are the necessary conditions for the promotion and application of solvent-free composite technologies. It is gratifying that Guangzhou Tongze Machinery Co., Ltd., as the only domestic system supplier with solvent-free composite equipment and technology as the leading product, has developed a number of patented products after many years of unremitting efforts. Flexible packaging companies and adhesive manufacturers provide complete sets of equipment with different uses and specifications and related technical support.

The development of domestic solvent-free composite adhesives is very rapid, and the quality and output have been significantly improved. At present, there are many manufacturers of solvent-free composite adhesives in China, including Shanghai Kangda Chemical New Material Co., Ltd., Beijing Gaomeng New Material Co., Ltd., Yantai Wanhua Beijing Research Institute, Huzhou Occident Chemical Co., Ltd. Overall, domestic adhesives have basically met market requirements, and in some respects there is a trend to exceed imported products.

In recent years, with people's increasing awareness of environmental protection, hygiene and safety, as well as the continuous increase of pressure on costs, emissions and other aspects, people's attention and demand for solvent-free compounding have become increasingly strong, especially for domestic solvent-free compounding equipment and adhesives. With continuous improvement, the popularity of solvent-free compounding technology is continuously strengthened, and the number of new solvent-free compounding machines has increased exponentially. The development of solvent-free compounding technology in China has seen an unprecedented good situation.

According to a more systematic product structure analysis, most of the existing composite packaging products in China (about 80% or more) can be completed using a solvent-free composite process. Therefore, solvent-free compounding will have extremely broad development prospects in China.

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