Guangdong Shicheng Launches Wide Cast Film Production Line

Guangdong Shicheng Company highlighted the 5000mm cast film production line at the China International Rubber and Plastics Exhibition and demonstrated the winding part of the equipment at the site. The 5000mm cast film production line launched by Guangdong Shicheng Company is the largest domestic cast film device. As far as the equipment is concerned, the 5000mm cast film line has a relatively high degree of control and automation, and its various configurations have reached the level of similar foreign equipment. Electric, hydraulic, pneumatic and various instruments and meters are commonly used domestically and imported parts and used to meet the needs of users at home and abroad. Judging from the development status of cast film in China, Zhang Chunhua, general manager of Guangdong Shicheng Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd. believes that the rapid increase in demand for various functional films at home and abroad has played a positive role in promoting the manufacturing technology of cast film equipment. Among them, the application of precision extruders has opened up a new phase for multi-layer co-extruded cast films.

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