Detailed Prepress Operation - Separation Operation Chapter 9

Nine, screen printing separation operations

Color screen printing is a process that has been rapidly developed and widely used in recent years. In particular, continuous adjustment of image in the clothing printing and dyeing technology breakthroughs, and its plate-making color separation film is completed by the electronic color separation machine, screen printing color separation is different from the conventional color separation. Need to fully grasp the screen printing, ink, plate making process and substrate properties and internal rules, and accurate application of various electronic color correction function, in order to ensure silk screen products exquisite image and quality. Therefore, the following points should be emphasized in the electronic color separation of the screen. (1) Number of screen lines: The number of screen lines is a determining factor for the determination of fine images, rich layers, and clear pictures. It is determined by the screen mesh screen and the texture fineness of the substrate, especially the screen weaving method, screen material, and The Influence of Manufacturers' Technical Level on the Quality of Silk Screening. Generally, the posters with low quality requirements are suitable when the mesh size is 180-200 mesh, preferably 30-50L/inch. For garments and fabrics with high quality requirements, when the mesh size is 250 to 300 mesh, 85 to 150 L/inch is appropriate. When the screen is selected, the screen should be tested by experimental methods to determine the appropriate number of screens. (2) Hierarchy: The size of the screen printing hierarchy mainly depends on the platemaking technology and the printing technology. In most cases, when the level is low, it is controlled at 15 to 18%, the medium level is controlled at 10 to 85%, the high level is controlled at 7 to 90%, and (3) the background color is removed and corrected, because the screen printing ink, Coatings, dye hiding power, multi-color overprinting appears gray, color separation should be as much as possible to reduce the opposite color, increase the basic color, background color removal from the middle of the beginning, the amount of background removal should also not Less than 75%. (4) Screen angle and dot shape: Screen printing There are certain interference phenomena between screens and screens and fabric textures. Special color screens should be arranged for color separation scanning, especially for low color Place it at a strong point of interference. The outlets should be selected in the form of a chain point with 35 to 65% or 25 to 75% angle.

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