The third thing in the purchase of antibodies----formal sales channels

In China, the sales channel is one of the most prominent issues, and the most critical link, with fake agents to defraud users' trust. Insiders should know that in fact, many products can be identified on the packaging, but now many researchers are rarely concerned, often price-oriented. Here, Shanghai Baoman solemnly reminds everyone that they are not discounted in the face of the interests, because in the interest-driven, some dealers will take advantage of the loopholes, they can make their own reagents, and put a label to shoddy; another common phenomenon is from the hands of regular manufacturers. Buy antibody reagents, dilute them through small workshops, then pack them and sell them to scientific staff. Whether it is shoddy or refilled after dilution, it brings a lot of troubles and risks to the experimenter. Shanghai Baoman is in the perspective of the scientific researcher to ask everyone, is it the experimenter who pays the bill? So not only It costs a lot of money, manpower, and material resources, and there is no way to pay for the wasted time.

Therefore, Shanghai Baoman once again reminded the scientific research staff that in the purchase channel, it is recommended to select the designated distributor or the supplier recommended by the official website to purchase the antibody reagent. This is the safest and most convenient way to buy and avoid problems in the circulation. It is recommended that you do not want to make small profits when purchasing antibody reagents, and choose carefully. This is the safest and most convenient way to buy. Sigma-Aldrich is the earliest provider of life science products for e-commerce in China. It is dominated by direct sales, avoiding the problems of intermediate circulation, and its powerful logistics system, which greatly reduces the possible sales links. Experimental risk.

In the face of the complicated antibody market, it is recommended that you choose carefully when purchasing antibody reagents. Do not greet small profits and purchase antibodies from excellent suppliers through regular sales channels.

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